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    Rules about buying bitcoin and how soon you can send the bitcoin as payment have changed since the last time I place an order over six months ago…

    Last time I placed an order I paid using bitcoin which I purchased on my credit card and was able to use the bitcoin funds as payment in 2 to 3 days if I recall correctly. Now I’m told I need to wait up to 16 days for the funds to be available to send as payment in bitcoin and it must be linked to a bank account not a credit card. I’m hoping a member can tell me if there is a way to purchase and have the ability to send bitcoin faster. between buying the coins and being able to send them. I’ve looked up several services like coinmama and others but have had no luck as of yet. Currently have only used Coinbase to buy and send bit…

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated for the crypto newbie. Thanks.
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  3. unclemuscles7

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    Thanks for the link. I purchased some bitcoin a few weeks ago as to see if the wait time of 16 days was legit and it is. Still don’t have access to the funds for 2 days. If I’m reading your post correctly I need to go to my USD wallet and transfer money into that wallet from my linked bank. Then I can send payment out as bitcoin in a few days instead of weeks?
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    As crypto currencies are very volatile if you buy say $300 worth of bitcoin at whatever the rate is at the time, you may find by the time it clears bitcoin has lost value and your $300 is now $200 something odd dollars.

    So you can transfer just the money in as USD, and then once it clears and the money is in your wallet, then you buy the bitcoins right when you need it.

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    I like to use bitcoin atm. Yeah you pay a higher initial fee but money is available in minutes.
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    Square Cash, check it out very fast, uses credit card.
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    Bitcoin ass to mouth? Sounds unpleasant.
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    Some of the crypto purchase sites want a link with a bank account and id verification (pics of your ID card/DL). Over certain ammounts, $300? they make you wait.
  10. Shyster

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    Been having issues with Square Cash app, worked perfectly for a couple of transactions, but now every time I try to add cash, it always gives me "this transaction failed" message. Worked great when it worked, no fees etc. Can't even get a hold of customer service to remedy the problem.
  11. daylight driller

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    Im having hell with coinbase and have completed the verification and linked my bank ive made alot of purchases but now im getting a.hold
  12. Copperhead1965

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    Could your credit card possibly be the problem/
  13. I think a lot of banks banned usage of credit cards with cash apps and bit coin. Same thing happened to me. I can use my debit card but not my credit card
  14. They consider it a cash advance now so if you did manage to use it they(bank) charge a fee for using it for bitcoin and cash app. So I’ve read
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    I don’t think so, I’ve used it a few times, I have my bank as well as my debit card linked. I know Citibank doesn’t allow bitcoin purchases thru Coinbase, but it’s Wells Fargo and I can use coinbase all day, just stopped working for Cash app. I use cash app to get away from the fees coinbase charges. Did some research and seems to be a common problem with it
  16. Shyster

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    Pain in the ass, can’t even get a hold of a real person to try and resolve the issue. Seems as tho the email response is automated cause a friend of mine is having a different issue with them and received same email asking for transaction number as well as cashtag. Well there is no transaction number cause it never went thru. Back to coinbase I guess
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    Unless you figure out a way to somehow buy btc with cash.
    Just don't

    Brc leaves a worse digital trace than WU/MG.
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    I setup Coinbase, Citibank, Jaxx BTC payment system last week, I was making payments the same day.....
  19. Copperhead1965

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    I am having the same problem. SqCash worked real well for about 15 transfers. Now I keep getting a transfer failed message. And yeah the support sucks. They told me to basicly start another account. Sucks
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    Mine your crypto, you be better off.