looking for some cycle advice! Dbol vs Anavar

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    Hey everyone!

    So I'm 30 years old 6ft 210 pounds.
    The last time I used a cycle I was in college still, so it's been awhile.
    But I'm for sure ready to try out another one.

    I'm getting some Sust 350 I'm going to run at 250mg twice a week.
    I'm planning on a six week cycle.

    here's the thing, I was gonna run Dbol at 40mg/day but the site I ordered from, monsterbody.info, sent me an extra cycle of Anavar on accident. I was thinking of running the var for three weeks then finish up three weeks of Dbol. If I am trying to pack on size is this the way to do it?
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    The way to pack on size would be to run the sus for at least ten weeks. Preferably twelve.

    Run the dbol to kick start, take a break for a few weeks, and run the var the last 4, through the wait period while the test clears your system.
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  3. pin the Sust 3x/week or EOD
  4. How is your diet?
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    @D-Ballin right on,
    so I could run the sust for 7 weeks (only have 3500mg) and use dbol for the first three weeks and finish with var for the last 2 weeks to finish off the cycle. Right? I have clomid 50mg as a post.
  7. D-Ballin

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    You could. Or you could get the most out of it, and get another vial of sus. Hell the undecanoate (or whatever that particular blend has) is just getting started at seven. You're shutting yourself down, might as well get the most for it.

    Got pct?
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  8. mindgame1516

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    sust needs to be be pinned EOD to get the most out of it or the longest every 3rd day
    if you want to do twice a week injections get cyp or enanthate
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    @TANGO.ECHO.KILO @mindgame1516 I read up on it and apparently if you don't pin sust EOD it can give you flu like sympstoms?? Good catch thanks guys.

    @D-Ballin decided to get another sust vial. going to do 125mg EOD. Got offered some discounted clen, might try it after the cycle to lean up. I have clomid 50mg caps, 30 of them. Should I be looking into some arimidex for this cycle?
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  10. I don't know about flu symptoms but a "Sustanon" type blend of test esters will have a mixture of short and long esters in it. You wouldn't pin test prop 2x a week would you? If you want to get the most out of the blend and maintain the most stable levels plan on pinning at least 3x a week. EOD is optimal but I have ran M/W/F successfully more than once...
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    Yes sir, you'll want some adex for the cycle. Some can get away without it. But don't be the guy who finds out he can't, and then has to wait for it.