Looking for Some Minimalists Strength and Conditioning Programs similar to Ross Enamait's

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Texas.Redneck, Apr 9, 2018.

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    I'm not sure if anyone here is familiar with Ross Enamait. He has a few popular ebooks; Infinite Intensity, Never Gymless, full throttle conditioning, etc. His workouts are geared towards fighters but I really like them for two reasons; (1) they are well rounded strength and conditioning and (2) they are minimalists and low tech so as I can simply do in my garage.

    My only problem is I've burned through several variations of his programs now over the past 5-7 years and I'm looking for a new and fresh template to follow. Anyone have some other suggestions for some webpages or books I can hunt down that will lay out a 50-60 day template I can generally follow?

    I know there are lots of crossfit pages that posts WOD's but I really don't consider those programs really well rounded or thought out over like a 60 day period and if they are I have to scroll through 60 blog posts to get the full program which is a pain in the rear. The Crossfit programs also tend to have lots of pulls from the deck (i.e. snatch, cleans, deadlifts) that I've really had to cut out of my program due to low back disc degeneration. So besides scrolling through pages of blogs to get a program from a crossfit website I'm also making quite a bit of substitutions to meet my needs.

    Also, when I say minimalists and low tech I should mention that I've collected quite the garage gym over the years. I have squat rack, pull up bar, bumper plates, multiple barbells, adjustable dumbells, TRX suspension training, monster bands, mini-bands and so forth....
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    Any chance you can just cut and chop and mix and match and make your own based off his? Havew two workouts, one where you do your strengths, things you love. And then workout B where its your weaknesses and things you don't love. And alternate between those two? Something like that.
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    that what I was saying is I've been slicing up variations of his 50 day templates off and on the last couple years. I just wanted something new and refreshing.

    What I ended up doing was just taking this guys template and making my own variation that I'm going to follow for 4-6 weeks:

    The Tactical Physique: A Functional Strength & Conditioning Workout

    His template was very similar to Ross Enamait's but with a little more emphasis on strength/bodybuilding versus conditioning (Enamait is in the business of training fighters).

    This article had some good leads on various programs:

    The Best Fitness Programs for Your Health & Wellness Goals | The Art of Manliness

    I liked this mountain tactical website guy in Wyoming who had a lot of programming and he even designed programs for guys ages 45-55 where he took out a lot of the bar loaded back squats and replaced with various lunges and other alternatives and took out traditional deadlifts for RDL's --both of which I've found are necessary substitutions due to my degenerative disc in low back.