Lose Fat & Gain muscle.. on Test-E only cycle.

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    OK so a little bit of facts about me.
    Age: 22
    Height: 5"10
    Weight: 187ish
    Bf: Not sure (no one agrees with Bf so not gonna assume.)

    Sorry for bad camera in a few of them but what I look like so far.
    Pic1: Screenshot
    Pic2: Screenshot
    Pic3: Screenshot
    Pic4: Screenshot

    Been working out for 8 months straight. (No I don't need lectures on genetic potential and blah blah.) I spend hours a day researching this stuff so I've seen it all and I'm well aware... haha. Basically decided to take 500mg of test-e a week. Yes I have pct (nolva) and armi if i notice sides. Yes I know how to use it and got all that set.. Done 20+ days straight of constant research about this stuff, all I need is to know what My calories should be at.

    I don't work (bad depression and anxiety). It's hard for me to leave the house sometimes but I ALWAYS go to the gym everyday (one day off every now and then) but no excuses. It calms me down and I can forget about all my problems and worries so i must be there every day to help me feel better. Basically I don't move much throughout the day and don't burn many calories I presume. If I'm not working out I'm most likely stationary in bed or sitting. Ok so I eat 1850-1950 calories a day atm. Was cutting for the past 3 months clean. Ate the following for the past 2 months straight with a few Refilling days or whatever you call em. (Meal 1-2: basa (fish) & potatoes with broccoli. Meal 2-4: Chicken breast & rice/potatoes with broccoli. Snack?: A huge shake with fruit milk and protein scoop. I usually split this over a few hours cuz it's so big and filling. Snacks: 2 Banana & broccoli whenever I'm hungry. & 1 Post workout shake. My sauce of choice is Tabasco sauce for no calories and metabolism speed up.) My protein is around like 190. I can't really get any higher without bumping calories because I can't afford to buy more meats daily. I will be Changing my meal plan when on cycle so I can keep the sodium lower and eat more carbs lower in the GI index. Plus because I know I need to eat more.

    I am decently shredded but I want to get to that next level shredded.. but I also wanna gain some muscle. People say eat as much as possible but those are also the people who look bloated and no offence fat. Summer is here nearly and I want to keep the abs and even lose a bit more fat and also get a bit bigger. I realize I won't put on 30lbs if I choose this route but what calories should I eat at to lose a little body fat and gain size? (Know it's possible because it's my first cycle & tbh not to gloat but My genetics are crazy good.)

    Does this seem fine:
    Week 1-8 +500-750 cals over maint?
    Week 8-12 +250 or Maint or slight deficit?

    Week 1-4: Eat at maint
    Week 5-7: +500
    Week: 8-10 +1000
    Week 11-12 +500

    So what macros/calories should I be at? & what should I do? Tips anyone? If i could lose a little more fat and gain like 10lbs of muscle that would be ideal... Again I will start next week so this will last almost till the end of August so i want to stay Lean Lean Lean. Thanks in advanced to all who help & sorry for all the writing. (I type a lot) lmao.
  2. Ima stop you right at “I don’t work (bad anxiety and depression) it’s hard for me to leave the house sometimes..”

    You do realize that aas will exacerbate anxiety and depression when coming off, I mean someone that doesn’t normally have depression or anxiety will have it coming off. It may well get worse on cycle as well.
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    Yes i'm aware. Appreciate it but yea it's getting way better than it used to be so i'll be fine. Was mostly from my living situation and being lonely but that all changed recently and I'm getting back on my high horse
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    You know that a pct will fuck up your mind?
    Own experience.
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    if i had your physique and age, i wouldn't touch aas. if this is truly going to be your first cycle then yes, you do have a great genetics. you have a body most would strive for. i'm scratching my head for sure
  6. Dr. Savage

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    Yes no homo, if you haven't cycled or touched anything and natural you have a great physique and genetics many here are trying to obtain WITH gear
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    I think u should forget steroids and work on ur depression or whatever u have bc u look good but ur only 22 and don’t work life can’t be that hard. And sitting around in the bed isn’t gonna help. U need to get out and keep urself busy. Bc like others said if u have problems now this will most likely make it worse
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  8. Damn id love to not work and just bodybuild full time
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    you should definitely put more energy into your mental health so you’re %100 ready for aas.

    if bodybuilding is what gets you out of bed you should make it a career! develop a plan so you can become successful in the industry cuz you look great for 22yo and when the time for gear comes if you stay humble & smart you’re gonna be a beast. just my 2 cents
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    Dude, get a job. Get your life together. What did you borrow money from your parents for your cycle? This day in age everyone is suffering from anxiety and depression. Smack yourself in the face and toughen the fuck up. That is such a copout. You are ok to go to the gym but not work?? Gtfoh
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    If you don't have the mental fortitude to be able to have some easy ass hourly job or to even leave your house(outside of the gym), you need to put this shit down and reevaluate your life.
    My man, if you think you have problems with your "anxiety and depression" now, just wait until you come off and your natural test levels are tanked for 2 or 3 months. Not to mention, if you've ever had some sort of suicidal ideation, which it sounds like you may have, it'll only get worse during and post pct. Go see a physician about maybe having some sort of Borderline Personality Disorder and throw away the gear.
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    I'm not going to touch on whether you should or shouldn't run a cycle.
    You've done a lot of research and hanve good genetics and intuition to have achieved what you've already have. As far as diet, I don't understand your pyramiding of the calories and would suggest something far more simple, effective and seemingly ideal for you- evaluate your results and physique every 3 weeks and add ~300 calories as necessary to keep gaining while staying lean. Pay attention to skin folds and the mirror more than the scale. Diets are where most fail to optimize their results and often becomes a fallacy of designing/following the "perfect diet" and failing to adjust or break away as needed- not to some arbitrary week or timeline. I bet you'll do great as long as you follow your gut, or you could hire a coach to evaluate you every few weeks and make adjustments for you.
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  13. Test_Subject

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    If you have anxiety, AAS will make it worse. pct will make your depression worse.

    My advice is be responsible -- get your mental health sorted first and then consider getting on gear.

    If your depression is bad enough that you can't work, PCT is going to completely cripple you. You think your depression is bad now? Add almost nonexistent test levels for a few weeks on top of that...
  14. Sparkyp

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    ^^^Guys, how bad can the depression/lack of motivation get when coming off?? Is that during pct or after pct? I ASSUMED pct corrected these side effects
  15. Dr. Savage

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    During and sometimes after, it definitely messes with my mind EVERY time I come off
  16. Sparkyp

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    ‘Sometimes after’?? Is it like you don’t want to do shit and hate life mess with you?? Or a mild lack of motivation??
    Big decisions her for guys like @ryan and myself to consider.
    I’ve mentioned before that I run a business and own a few investment properties. I’m a busy guy. This is a key factor in my decision making. And @ryan , I’d strongly suggest you give it some serious thought as well especially with your history. You and I have guys that are currently living this lifestyle and have been for years. If there’s anyone to take advise from it’s them
  17. Dr. Savage

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    I just get all down, cloudy mind and don't want to do anything. Don't have any motivation to eat or lift. But just have to really push myself through it. Just mentally knowing your off doesn't help either
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  18. Dr. Savage

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    A half ass pct will only make it worse. Using a strong pct will definitely help. Last pct I upped dosages and ways and felt way better

    Even got the wife pregnant (yes we were trying lol) on a test deca tren cycle on week 12! Both my kids have now been conceived on cycle lmao
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    Bruh, if you have depression and anxiety and its so bad you claim to be disabled and cannot work... What in the hell is going to happen to you in pct? When you're dick can barely get hard, your test levels are crashed, you're lethargic, its hard to stay on diet and train in the gym during those 1-3 months of recovery you are going to regret this.

    You need to figure out whatever is holding you back mentally before you start changing your bodies hormones and altering your brain chemistry.

    I am sorry, I am never the guy to post things like this but if you are a perfectly healthy grown man and you claim you cannot work or leave your house, stay the hell away from illegal drugs.
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    My mind was like a roller coaster when i come off and during pct. I was not myself for sure. Some people can handle it better.
    I am on trt now so it’s not the same.
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