Losing strength during cruise/cut

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Jankauskas, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Jankauskas

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    My bench press is fading away and I’m not sure which is the most correct approach as to avoiding it.

    All of the other lifts I can manage to keep at the same level, but if I’m either cutting or cruising it starts going down.

    I was doing 2 plates for 8 reps and started to lose strength, when it got to 5 I switched to 5x5 on that particular lift in an attempt of keeping my strength until my next blast. Thing is I have started my blast and after a week I haven’t seen much in the way of improvement.

    Should I just lower the weight and get some more reps in or should I keep struggling to keep the lift?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ironlord

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    Generally if you're cutting you're going to lose strength. Body weight gives you leverage. Plus when cutting you Isuzu reduce calories, have less energy etc.

    Always keep pushing the weights. Don't reduce weight because you feel like you're getting weak. That's why guys end up lifting the same weights for years and never change.

    Also the reason lots of guys lose most of their strength and mass when they come off cycle Imo.

    And also if you've only been blasting for a week you're not going to instantly be superman... It takes time to come back.
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    How long was your cruise
  4. anfee

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    Km sorry but I can gain great strength and size on a cruise. If you legit need TRT, which I didn’t because my normal T levels are around 410, but having test levels at 900-1100 all the time should make it very easy for you to maintain strength.

    One caveat, food. Regardless of how much shit you take it if you’re solely cruising, food determines everything.

    What’s your diet like?
    How low are your carbs?
    What’s your training like?