loss of libido after Tren

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    So I need some advice on getting my libido back and fixing ED after a run with tren. I ran tren e 400 for 8weeks and test e 500 for 16weeks, I took aromisin and used different orals throughout the cycle (superdrol, Anadrol, dbol) I started experiencing ED the week after I dropped tren out of my cycle and now I am 10 days into nolva/clomid 150/40 100/40 50/20 50/20 pct.

    What can I do or take to fix this? I have an extremely active sex life I'm out of viagra, and I'd literally gotten sick from having to take it so much.

    As awesome as tren was I'm not going to be running it ever again, not worth losing my sex drive for some temporary strength and development.
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    Its more then likely not because of the tren that you dropped 12 weeks ago. But more so you getting greedy with running SD, dbol, and adrol. Oh and probably the 16 weeks your shut yourself down with Test. Just curious how long did you wait to start pct after a 16 week cycle of test @ 500mg wk. Also why no hcg? viagra is not going to help you it’s just a band aid. You need to research Dr Scally’s power pct my man.
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    I did get greedy, but what makes me blame the tren is I got ED when I stopped taking it, even while I was on 500mgs of test. and I've always gotten away without using hcg, even now my balls are coming back(they were almonds before). I have read up on Scallys power pct, but it seems a little late to start now.
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    It’s ok I’ve been greedy before. I think you already know you should have gotten blood work as soon as you noticed the ED. It would take a lot of the guessing game as far as elevated prolactin even though your Estro numbers would be off because of the Tren.
    Imo you should have used hcg and you still should just to see what happens. Get on that power pct my dude!
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    first, I hope you recover an get your libido back & I seen ur taking nolvadex and clomid but if I may ask, what about hcg?

    and if ur trying to get ur libido back in a jiff and need pharm grade medicine I would contact @pharmacist for any viagra or cialis if you needed anything asap since ur out of the viagra
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    I'll get some Hcg and give it a shot and if that doesn't work continue on into the power pct. I just hate the thought of taking pct drugs for that long but at this point I am ready to do whatever I can to get myself working right again.

    I've always gotten away with not having to use hcg as I told @Morefyah and thanks I will touch base with @pharmacist
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    If I may ask are you already running nolva and clomid?
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    Yes I'm on day 11 now
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    good shit man I do hope you recover good & I ask cause I was curious, if you got hcg now, how would or could you even incorporate that into your pct now?

    Or were you planning on doing a second round of pct?. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t taking hcg while on clomid and nolvadex counterproductive?
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    Update: Went to the doctor today.. Doc refused to do hormone panel or prescribe viagra, got some blood work done and an ekg. Bp and heart rate are low but the doc said it's normal for an athlete. rbc was also high a little high.. Ive scheduled with my primary care doctor to go get bloodwork and possibly Viagra or somthing in 3weeks.

    I have about 2weeks left of pct now if I don't recover I'm going to try running the power pct with hcg after @Zyzż_
    also considering getting some caber and provirion and running low doses to get the sex drive back.

    I do think I'm recovering, I admitted to the girl I've been seeing that I'm having these problems and was able to get an erection and have sex with her, I just couldn't get off. but I still have no morning wood, can't masturbate, and have no desire for sex unfortunately. Things seem to be getting better, hopefully I can get back in the game soon!
  11. It's normal to lose libido during pct...I bet in ur last week it will improve
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    Try some Masterone at 300-400 mgs per week with your hcg or add in a small test dose of 100mgs a week until you get back to feeling normal. Then you can slowly back off completely. Needs to be EOD injections. Some guys get a sex drive kick with it similar to lower dose tren.

    It doesn't aromatize, it's a mild anabolic and even helps suppress E2 which can totally wreck sex drive. It won't mess up your pct and you can run it for long periods of time with little side effects if it works for you. It will jack up your cholesterol numbers though.

    There's a lot of moving parts to male sex drive and it's hard to diagnose the exact issue once you start mixing up the hormone levels with exogenous PEDS. You're a guy, push up the test levels, get your E2 in range then see where you are.