Loss of menstrual cycle

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    A Friend of mine ran a mast and winnny cycle to include nolvadex for a show this past spring. During the cycle, her menstrual cycle stopped as to be expected. However, we are 100 days plus off of everything and her menstrual cycle still hasn't returned. Based on the experience of the group, is this normal and how long can it take for her hormones to normalize? I am also going to order a female panel for her so we can check all the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle (estrogen, estradiol, LSH...etc). Any information is greatly appreciated
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  2. Eman

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    How long did she take everything? Particularly the nolvadex?
  3. KoalKing

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    around 9 weeks for Mast, 6 for Winny, and Nolvadex for 7 weeks
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    My S/O didn’t have a menstrual cycle for years while on birth control. She would never take that week off. Always on. Not dangerous at all.

    I think she explained it would take months to get it back if she came off. There were still concerns of getting pregnant though. Probably want to keep using birth control of some sort and ride it out another couple months.

    She was a doctor.
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    100 days.....approx. 3 mos. How long does it take? IT DEPENDS. Every woman is different. Hormones are super freakin sensitive....LOL. It just depends on the woman. It may take some time for her stuff to come back and normalize. Price we pay : )