Lost 350$ in Bitcoin to scam sites

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Jimmyhoffa59, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Jimmyhoffa59

    Jimmyhoffa59 Member

    yeah im a newb, tried to buy some shit on a few well listed onion sites, both of them fucked me. One i loaded 100$ to the sites wallet so I could purchase some shit, site kept looping and i withdrew them back to my wallet, when I hit enter after carefully entering my personal wallet address and when I hit send it flashed a completely diff address and I never saw em again. Second site was 210 bucks it never even showed up in the sites wallet....im done with the dark web faster than it took me to learn how to buy BTC and access the tor. Fuck...oh well.
  2. Jeep187

    Jeep187 Member

    You just made my mind up for me. I was reading through the Bitcoin website and it just sounded to risky and complicated. Wasn't quite sure, but after reading this its a no go
  3. TheGuy85

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    Do you mind letting us know which onion sites they were? It is possible you have been a victim of a phisher.
  4. double-leg

    double-leg Member

    Fuckin thieves. ... yeah i was considering it a few months back and i dont like this coin business.
    Moneypak wu or mg for me.
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  5. Jimmyhoffa59

    Jimmyhoffa59 Member

    Yeah the shit sucks because there is ZERO recovery for Bitcoin, if you send it, your never getting it back...PERIOD.
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  6. Albeetron3000

    Albeetron3000 Member

    I defiantly thought bitcoin was going to turn into the new way to pay for all labs but it is pretty sketchy when looking at it thieves are defiantly going to make a killing off it
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    MANWHORE Member

    MoneyPaks and CIM seem so nice for customer now

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  8. Masters Power

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    One of many reasons the value of bitcoins continues in a freefall
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  9. MindlessWork

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    Yes there's absolutely NO recourse in getting back bitcoins if they were stolen, as it's like getting mugged on the street and getting your wallet taken.

    If anyone desires to play the bitcoin game, they better play it smart.
  10. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Who exactly stole your money? A dark market website? Or a source/vendor?
  11. Jimmyhoffa59

    Jimmyhoffa59 Member

    Dark market sites, two of them. Im pretty new to the scene in general, I consider the loss part of my learning curve.
  12. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Which marketplace? No escrow?
  13. Jimmyhoffa59

    Jimmyhoffa59 Member

    No escrow, green road and cocaine market, both listed on wiki site. Im no junkie, but as I've aged I've wanted to try a few things before im an old man.
  14. Millard Baker

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  15. Jimmyhoffa59

    Jimmyhoffa59 Member

    Do these sites tend to play nice? I'd still like to try a few things in my life but I need a site maybe SOMEONES personally had success with..pm works too obvious reasons.