Lost as to how I should do PCT after 3 years on, should I still use hcg?

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    I first started steroids in December 2015 with a 16 week 400mg test cycle. After a couple weeks off I couldn’t handle it, got back on and ended up doing tren/test late summer 2016 for about 12-16 weeks (600mg) after which I continued “cruising”. I use the term loosely cause on a few occasions I missed one of my injections. Last year due to a logistical error I missed about a month of injections. Long enough for me to.lose water weight and a bit of strength. Got back on a 200mg cruise in June and I was on that dose up until mid January when I did a 400mg blast. My last shot was on Monday 4/1. I've read to start pct after two weeks but that seems stupid since the test will still be pretty high...personally it felt like I was still on. Even now my strength is still the same, workouts are a bit harder but nothing I can't manage. My sex drive is pretty low at the moment, which sucks cause girls are more attracted to me than ever. I can get a boner but no sperm production/climax.

    I want to have kids so I am done for good. Originally planned on doing scallys power pct but I have read so many conflicting opinions regarding his hcg dosage of 2500iu EOD for 8 injections (desensitization to leydig cells). As you can imagine my balls are quite small at this point so to me it would make sense to use hcg. Long story short its been about a month since my last shot and I’d like to know if its too late to do about 8 shots of hcg then go into a standard clomid/nolva protocol starting week 7 or so after my last shot. Or if I should just run nolva clomid starting now. I don't want to permanently damage myself using hcg and surprisingly a lot of other forums are critical of scallys power pct. Also I don't want to build up a tolerance as hcg will be my only hope for when I want to have kids. Here is my proposed pct starting now.

    From now thru Week 6
    1500iu HCG EOD for 2 weeks
    aromasin 12.5 eod

    Week 6-10:
    Nolva 40/40/40/40
    Clomid 50/50/50/50
    Asin 6.25 EOD

    Week 10-18:
    Nolva 20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20
    Clomid 25/25/25/25/25/25/25/25
    Asin 6.25 eod if necessary

    Any pointers from anyone whos come off a long cycle would be helpful, thanks. I have not taken any serms or anything since my last shot, just aromasin 6.25 eod/12.5 e3d.
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    Hcg dosage of 2500iu EOD for 8 injections is not going to cause desensitization to leydig cells. If someone was doing 2500iu eod for months then perhaps. I asked the question about leydig cell desensitization to my endo, he said if it happens it is temporary and going off of for few weeks would resolve the issue. For the long duration you have been on AAS, you are going to require proper pct protocol. Hire Dr. Scally's help if needed.
    I would also get a proper sperm test done because everyone is effected differently by AAS as some guys still get their ladies pregnant while on cycle.
    hcg basically signals your testes to produce testosterone. Since sperm is produced in the testes area, having testosterone local to the sperm environment will help with sperm parameters. Just so you know, some endocrinologists will prescribe HCG along TRT doses of test to preserve fertility in men since exogenous test injections will shut down your testes and therefore sperm production.
    if you testes were working properly before, then there is good chance you can get your sperm production up at least if you follow proper PCT. There is also LH injections, Menopur, for sperm help so dont give up but you need to be patient as this is gonna take some time and probably be going through some emotional and other roller coasters as your hormones are doing the same.
    Good luck brother!
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  4. I would disregard anything you’ve heard on forums like evo, elitefitness and isarms, they try to fool you into thinking hcg will permanently harm your balls to get you to buy garbage like hcgenerate. They’re the only forum that I’ve seen discourage hCG but they don’t have a shred of proof to back it up.

    You’ll probably benefit from hCG after 3 years. I would avoid taking AI unless you truly need it, I’m in the process of coming off trt and I thought some exemestane would help, thought it did but then lowered my libido like it usually did on trt/aas.
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  5. How would one hire Dr Scally?
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    @KillaBig Thanks for the thread suggestion. I was on for the same exact time as he was so it was good to see that he recovered/hcg usage helped

    @The Terminator most of the stuff I read was on t nation but after seeing that other thread it seems gtg they seem to have a vendetta again dr scally

    @TRT@40 very informative post. Unfortunately I don't seem to be producing any sperm atm so idk how I would get a test with no ejaculation/ climax

    I will be getting bloods and updating the thread moreso for other people who may go through the same thing.
  7. The evo/elitefitness/isarms (all the same run by the same clowns) are just trying to push their worthless hcgenerate, which won’t do shit, worthless n2guard, crappy low grade-bunk sarms and their own brand of underdosed-bunk roids. Try posting something negative and see how quickly they delete and ban you lol

    Wait you have no ejaculate, like no semen or fluid comes out when you orgasm? Have a urologist or androligist check you out, you could have retrograde ejaculation where the semen goes into your bladder instead of out your dick or something else.

    On trt/roids I had pretty bad semen volume at times, it turned into a thick paste and the pressure was so bad it would take several contractions and sometimes I’d have to squeeze it out but haven’t heard of trt/aas causing zero fluid. Mine has gotten way better since stopping trt.
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    Hey brother, Last year when I was considering 2nd child with my wife, after being on hcg with TRT Test, someone on this forum suggested I can become his patient to get proper medical advice. So I looked into getting his contact info and found the following:
    Google Maps
    I have assumed to this day that he is still in practice and would take on new patient. But I never contacted him since I have decided 2nd child at the moment is not the best option for me. I probably should have not suggested an option that I am not 100% sure about.
    A side but related note: after being on HCG+test TRT protocol for a year followed by test+deca cycle of 24 weeks, sperm was 4million but not very mobile. So, Urologist added FSH (menopur) to HCG+test protocol to increase sperm count and sperm health. I have not taken the menopur injections yet but I have got 4 months worth of prescription filled and in my hands. Whenever I go back to TRT test dose, I am probably going to start FSH (menopur) injections along with LH (HCG) and along with TRT dose of test, just an experiment in case I am wanting to father another child again.