Lost then found my pooches.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by x11, Jun 8, 2018.

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    Went out into a new patch had to drive 4 hours around the long way. Anyhoo team got smahed up bigly had to staple a dog together wrap it in a thermal blanket and evacuate back to the world. Left the team out and when I eventually got back two dogs were waiting at the hide and the rest went cross country for 40 miles and dodged traps, got thru mesh fences, evaded who knows how many farmers that shoot every dog on sight, evaded thieves, Dog matchers, cars......and arrived on my doorstep dehydrated, tucked up, pads raw and cut to shit.

    All survived and in working order, bounced straight back into the truck soon as I walked out the door.

    These good days brah's.
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    Bless mon! That’s an amazing journey..
  3. picholas

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    Glad to hear the pooches are okay!
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    Holy fuck lol
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    Jesus...hog dogs?
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    Any battles with cats?