Louisiana Gym Owner Gets Probation While Friend Who Provided Steroids Jailed


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Inflated charges of 30 years in prison to terrify, took 7 years, that's standard work of a public defender that spends 15 minutes on your case and a prosecutor working in perfect harmony.....you get what you pay for, in this case nothing.

What to learn. Trust no one when you're a UGL, never ever do face to face transactions, have no friends or family, have no one around that knows anything about what you're doing.

I'd use a series of gates with cameras leading to my lab to alert me of incoming LE. Have a powerful industrial shredder where I could dump all my vials, caps, all of my equipment and a hose leading to the sewer to rinse it clean. I'll never understand why UGL's don't have an exit strategy to destroy evidence. I think just about every UGL should own at least a shredder that can move high volume, have a system to where all they have to do is pull a cord and it all falls into a chute leading to the shredder, grab the hose and get to work. Lab should have heavily fortified doors, no windows, and a sign outside warning trespassers will be shot on sight, scaring LE to slow down while you get your work done....of course you don't want any guns mixing with your brew, but if you have them toss them into the shredder as well.

All it takes is a little engineering.

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