Low dose basal insulin to fix Glucose Metabolism on HGH


I saw this interesting interview on rxmuscle:

The lady in the Interview recommends to take a low dose of a long acting insulin like Toujeo or Lantus to relieve the Beta Cells which are the cells that produce insulin in our body. While on HGH and eating tons of carbs these cells can get pretty stressed and "burn out" according to the lady in the mentioned interview. By providing your body with a small amount of exogenous insulin these cells have less work.

According to her there is no danger of hypoglycemia at her recommended dosages because your beta cells simply will produce less if needed - that is what the goal is also.

Usually you read about people taking metformin/berberin. They also specificly mentioned the drug there and she said the she absolutely would not recommend it because of a lot of possible bad sides, which also includes a decrease in IGF-1, and it just doesn't work as good. Especially at higher dosages of gh, i mean makes sense when you are countering your insulin metabolism all the time that a insulin sensitivity drug might not be the perfect fix

This all made sense for me, but what are your guys thoughts on it? Is everything correct she says? I assume this should not affect insulin sensitivity because you are not getting more total insulin - theoraticly i assume that it would do the opposite like she claims in the interview. When your beta cells don't get stressed out your insulin sensitivity is better than when they are not obviously.

A Off Season with hgh and tons of carbs as a bodybuilder can really stress the beta cells i guess. Wouldn't this be really good "solution / workaround"? Strange that i heard about it the first time if it is more or less the holy grail like she makes it sound. I always read about metformin/berberin and people who take insulin often only take short acting.

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