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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by desertwarrior, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. desertwarrior

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    I posted up awhile back about planning a low dose cycle. I’ve had some health setbacks in the past and wanted to be as safe as possible. I ended up running 250 test 125 npp 70 Anavar per week for right around 16 weeks. The results were amazing.

    All prs went up. I’ve lost nearly all fatty deposits and went up 9lbs. I’ve felt great and all labs (every 4 weeks) have been within range. Overall it’s definitely been one of my best cycles to date.
  2. Spokeonawheel

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    I've been reconsidering my approach lately and feel like less is often more.

    Recently, ran a high dose test EQ and Deca cycle. Made some gains, but nothing extraordinary.

    Was setting PRs 10 weeks later on mybcruise dose of 200 mg test weekly.
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  3. hurricane

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    Glad to hear that bro. Hope your health is well.
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  4. jtmarlin

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    How often did you pin the test?
  5. desertwarrior

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    I actually think I’m back to being 100% It’s taken many months of physical therapy and surgery to to graft working muscle and nerve into my face, but I’m feeling my old self again. I’ve stayed on top of my labs and I’ve been paying out of pocket for extra advice outside of my gp from a physician specializing in athletics. Also I’ve dropped any type of stims including caffeine which in itself has changed things for the better quite a bit. Hope your health is is on the up and up as well brother.
    1/2 every third day

  6. jtmarlin

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    Have you ever done a low dose cycle like this where you shot the test once a week? Did you notice any difference?
  7. Perrin Aybara

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    I've had good results from just 200-300mg of test and 50mg of Anavar.
  8. Iron Frenchie

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    I preach this a lot but it’s the truth. It’s more fun to see how much you get out of such small doses.
  9. Alistair7

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    70mg of Anavar? If it’s legit and not under-dosed, that is quite a bit. Your lipids didn’t come back completely screwed?
  10. desertwarrior

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    My past run ins with Anavar have been in the range of 50-100mg per day. 10mg a day is a fairly modest dose on my book lol.

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  11. Theworm

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    70 mg of anavar a week or per day?

    If per week then that is low, 10 a day.

    Also, did that affect your cholesterol in any fashion?
  12. Theworm

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    I think he ment 70 mg per week
  13. Gbro

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    The thread is about low doses, I can't imagine anyone thinking 70 mg of Anavar per day is low dose.
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  14. TideGear

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    What benefits did you notice from dropping caffeine?
  15. BigMo

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    Its a high dose no doubt about that, for me 75mg is my sweet spot, however anavar how I understood the research is mostly weight dependent.so being over 220 that 10 mg and 20 mg didn't effect me in the 6 week cycle of anavar ,maybe running that low dosage for a long period of time can make a difference (Thinking out loud).
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  16. Gbro

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    You could be right. I haven't ran anavar, and I've only known a few gals that have. They were tiny (relatively speaking) and took low doses.
  17. Iron Frenchie

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    Here’s a 12 week study. Seems 40mg is pretty effective dose.
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  18. Theworm

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    5 weeks in on a 50 mg oxandrolone run my hdl went from 46 to 17 and my ldl went from 100 to 188. Not good.
    Maybe 10 mg x 16 weeks less of an effect, I’ll try and check labs
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  19. BigMo

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    How was your diet during the 50 mg ?
  20. That would be an excellent experiment. If you do go that route, please remember to update everyone.