Low dose deca to supress menstrual periods

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Dr.V.P.C., Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Dr.V.P.C.

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    Since deca is a progestin , is it possible for a woman to have a low dose deca ( 12mg/wk) to supress ( or diminish) menstrual period and to prevent/relieve PMS symptoms ?
  2. Evom1

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    I cannot directly answer your question, however I can say that 60mg per week of npp did completely stop my girls period while on cycle, it returned to normal after.

    Deca being Nandrolone deconate and npp being Nandrolone phenylpropionate they're the same drug just a different ester
  3. Eman

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    Nandrolone is the parent hormone for a group of progestins...

    If you want the effects of a progestin, take one... They make BC out of it.
  4. GearGodess

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    Is stopping a period the only reason for wanting to use deca? Are you serious? Use BC instead.
  5. Wunderpus

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    It stopped mine completely!
  6. GearGodess

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    So happy for you!! So your vajayjay does not hurt anymore! Tuck in your weenie though, make it believable.
  7. Dr.V.P.C.

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    No, i pretend both the anabolic effect and the supression ou at least reduction of menstrual blood , at low doses to prevent pronunciable androgenic sides. Never talked about BC. She is already on IUD cooper.
  8. GearGodess

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    So what exactly does SHE want to accomplish? And what is her reasoning for deca and what dose/frequency? What's her background in this lifestyle that she's jumping in head first into deca?
  9. Dr.V.P.C.

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    GearGodess thank you very much for your time .
    The reason for Deca is to try a progestin with high anabolic effect, so this way we can get both effects , menstrual reduction/supression ( it bothers most of women) and anabolic effect . Low doses to control androgenic sides and sice most woman are not athletes , they even don´t need higher dosages for performance. Just to get reasonable anabolic effect and androgenic health features ( libido, well being , better mood, etc)
    Here is Brazil some doctors like to insert a pellet of gestrinone , witch is also a progestin with good androgenic activity , but as a pellet you risk the dosage inserted being too androgenic for the woman since the toleance to androgens is very individual. Deca subcutaneous at a low dose can be easier to ajust the dosage and tolerance.
  10. GearGodess

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    You still haven't said what her background in this lifestyle is or dosing protocol... what are her goals besides the period reduction/stoppage. What are her stats?
  11. Dr.V.P.C.

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    Ok sorry . She 40 yo , 5,2`ft - 130 pound , lean and in good shape ( previous low dose test and Anavar but periods still bothers even with test/var) so i start thinking of replace this with a low dose progestin ( deca) pharma grade always . She practices bodybuilding 3 times a week and power walking 3 times a week. Her goas as i said is to have a androgenic suport ( besides test) for her well being and keep muscle strongs and toned for her life.
  12. GearGodess

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    What was her dose of test and var? How long did she run it?

    What do you plan on doing the deca at?

    Given the situation, I think she should continue with the test. Var is always a great choice for women. Deca is considered for women who are a lot more advanced as it can make body composition changes (sometimes not for the better in "every day woman" and a lot of negative sides that will sneak up and be unnoticed till it's too late. It takes A LONG time to build up in the body and takes even longer to exit. A better choice would be NPP if she wants to stay with the same kind but faster acting. Again, poor choice to use AAS just to stop periods. She should expect weight gain and a lot more size with deca. For someone who doesn't compete, she should check other options over deca. And her period might still be going on as it doesn't stop for all females. I personally can run aas for 12 weeks and my period is still normal. But second run after an off period can eliminate it within the first few weeks.
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