Low dose long duration anavar cycle

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Birgid, May 28, 2019.

  1. Birgid

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    Any females ever run a super low dose (2.5 -5ngs) var cycke for an extended cycle? Like 4-6 months?
    Im side sensitive but look pretty ripped when taking only 2.5 mgs. Not much in way of gains..maybe a few pounds but my muscles arw full anf hard and i smash my workouts.
    Even 5mg gets to my voice after 6 weeks.
    Thinking of sticking to 2.5 mgs thru the summer if i hsve no sides. Dont think id have to worry too much about liver at this dose??
  2. IronJulius

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    I've seen guys run 50mg of var for 8 weeks with healthy numbers so I think you would be fine at 2.5mg. My wife loves winny but can only handle 5mg a day for a few weeks because of the voice stuff but she is one of the few that actually bloats on var.
  3. puckhog

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    @Birgid I am so glad you posted this question! My friend @Kim may be able to help you with this. She has been very helpful with my wife's AAS usage. Lots of experience on her end with PEDS. Good luck to you.
  4. FlawlessSet

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    Is the Var your taking lab tested? I think for females using hormones they need 100% certainty they are getting whats on the label. At 5mg per day if your voice is changing that is some strong Var IMO.
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  5. Birgid

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    I've lab maxed it at it tested positive for var, but hard to know for sure. Could easily have winny in it too..and on lab max tests the green and yellow can be hard to tell the difference. I've used different labs, both with good reputations with similar results..
    It's really disappointing though!! I'd be a beast (or at least feel like one) if I could run 10-15mgs for a full cycle. :)))
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  6. FlawlessSet

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    Labmax kits is not accurate enough. I would spend a few dollars and send away for testing or better yet ask the lab to cover the cost and you’ll post the positive findings online.
  7. rpbb

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    I only buy gear for my girl from sources that have passed testing at anaboliclab.com
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