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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by dwmer, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. dwmer

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    Is using a low dose of dbol or Anavar a bad idea during the first few weeks of pct?
  2. mac111

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    yes, it will suppress you and doesnt make sense in pct. why would you take cycling drugs in a post cycle?
  3. SHARK1

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    I am also curious about this since the guy I get my gear from suggested me a cycle in which he'd have me take Anavar 2 weeks after I quit injecting T. Prop.

    Like this
    Week 1-5: T. Prop 200mg/week
    Week 1-7: Anavar 50mg/ED

    Oral would be ingested after the cycle, alone. He does not think I need any sort of pct given the duration of the cycle is quite short.
  4. Bill Roberts

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    Yes. It has been done and with successful recovery but it became clear with time from blood test results that it slowed recovery quite significantly, even when the use was quite light and morning-only.

    Apparently the hypothalamus and/or pituitary is a lot less "tolerant" of added androgen in the post-cycle condition than when in the natural or fully-recovered state and adding the same small amount of androgen.
  5. MesomorphosisGuy

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    I fully agree with Bill. After an ordeal with various pct methods, I make it very simple and my PCT now consists of low doses of Anavar combined with anastrozole. I learned that I can't stop taking steroids completely before PCT, because my testosterone was nearly 100% suppressed even after such "light" compounds like Anavar, and I always quickly crashed despite using nolvadex.

    I start at 10 mg Anavar/day and 1 mg anastrozole/day, and I gradually decrease the doses. The benefit of such a PCT is that in the ideal case, you won't lose any gains at all, and you can normally train. The "cons" primarily concern the length of PCT: The recovery is really slower. However, the benefits clearly beat the disadvantages.

    Here are my testosterone values after a 6-week Anavar cycle from this winter:
    Post-cycle - 24th February: 60 ng/dl
    After 4,5 weeks of PCT - 28th March: 188 ng/dl

    Apparently, I have been recovering, although it will take some time. Currently I take 5 mg Anavar/day and 0.5 mg anastrozole/day. I suppose that the recovery should now accelerate. I plan another bloodwork at the end of April.
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  6. Under

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    Hi guys I could see this working with the other test esters but with prop if pct is to start approx 3 days after then wouldn't you be trying to kick start the boys only to be shutting them down again on var for the next two weeks! I could understand if is was ran for two weeks waiting to start pct, on say test e etc but i must be missing something here, could you explain further please?
  7. Dr JIM

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    It really depends upon how hard the HPTA "crash" will become. I routinely wean patients off 2-3 drug cycles using a four to six week course of oxanadrolone (my preference) the duration of which is contingent on the cycle dosing, duration and their combined anabolic "potency".
    It certainly makes "coming off" much more tolerable.
    I also begin an armrotase inhibitor or estrogen receptor blocker until testosterone levels return to baseline yet may extend anti-estrogen therapy for an additional four weeks.
    The later of which is based upon E-2 level and the E2 to free testosterone ratio also normalizing. Occasionally hcg or C-citrate are also required to accomplish this objective.
    Ultimately however, although I have attempted to discontinue moderate to high dose cycles "cold turkey" many patients simply feel "so drained" void of any exogenous supplementation, which often leads them to begin another cycle far to soon; not a good idea if one values your future hormonal auto-regulation capability.
  8. Under

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    So basically the easy version is to avoid a crash from your cycle you could use low dose var until or with pct to stop the low hormone levels in you from causing unwanted sides ie low energy crashes and libido etc is that it? Also if you do say for eg 12 weeks test and then started the var would you continue the var right up until the end of your pct or would you carry on the pct for a few weeks after as by then your hormone levels would be a lot better. Wasn't this a similar thing as the low low dose of dbol back in the day!
  9. Dr JIM

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    So dump the dbol (its to potent even at low doses) and begin Anavar, the dosage is contingent upon factors mentioned earlier, (you should do fine at TEN mg) about two WEEKS post cycle yet start taking the aromatase inhibitor (1/2 mg would be all that's required) a couple of DAYS afterward.
    The later becomes particularly important because typically, E-2 levels begin to increase SOONER than testosterone. So now you'll feel like a castrated male, awaiting menses and growing bitch tits (especially if you're predisposed).
  10. MesomorphosisGuy

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    Everything comes at some cost. When exogenous testosterone leaves your body, you will inevitably experience a sudden decrease of libido. But Anavar at 10 mg/day won't suppress you. It will only slow the recovery. If you simultaneously take anti-estrogens, your endogenous testosterone will increase, but as you can see from my numbers, it will take several weeks. I think that as you will gradually decrease Anavar doses, the recovery of testosterone will progressively accelerate. The most important thing is "to survive" the several weeks after the end of the cycle that are critical.

    I really hold the opinion that such a PCT has more benefits than negatives. For example, yesterday I improved my performance on bench press by two reps and I am now stronger than during the cycle 7 weeks ago. This was absolutely unexpected, because without anabolic agents, I normally don't improve on bench press anymore (I'm 38 years old).
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  11. MR10X

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    "I also begin an armrotase inhibitor or estrogen receptor blocker until testosterone levels return to baseline yet may extend anti-estrogen therapy for an additional four weeks.
    The later of which is based upon E-2 level and the E2 to free testosterone ratio also normalizing."
    You say untill test returns to base line,but doesnt an AI or Serm increase test above base line?I thought you would only get back to whats normal for you when you are off everything altogether and your system has stabalized.
  12. Dr JIM

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    I concurr MesoMG.
  13. Under

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    Would this still hold true for test prop that is out of your system quickly. Or is it the fact that your levels will still be low because you were on cycle in the first place.
  14. Dr JIM

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    My experience has been similiar MMG.