low estradiol symptoms?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by mane man, Aug 31, 2008.

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    mane man

    mane man Member

    Hi there,
    im just wondering what the symptoms of low estradiol are?
    I have been taking DIm and arimidex to lower my high estradiol.

    Initially i felt great after getting rid of the high estradiol symptoms. Now however i think i may have gone too low. I have no libido at all, i can still get an erection but it doesnt last when you have no libido.

    I have stopped the arimidex for over a week and am just on a low dose of DIM.

    Is low libido a sign of low estradiol?

    How long does it take for estradiol to recover? I take 100mg of DHEa each day, so i thought it should have recovered?

    Could it be that my estradiol has now gone too high?

    Am on hols in thailand right now so i sure could do with my mojo back! :D
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    pmgamer18 Member

    First never mix DIM with arimidex I did this for a time and was having problems that we could not figure out. I ran out of DIM it was on back order and I started feeling better so we know it was the DIM with Arimidex.

    That said I feel if your not on TRT that you are to low so stop the DIM also you well find as your estradiol levels come back up you will start to have night time and morning wood so strong it will wake you up. This is a good gage to not go to low if you lose wood and can't keep it up your estradiol is to low.

    Doing this and labs keep it in check. If your not on TRT don't go back on the Arimidex just do the DIM and keep an eye on your wood when you lose it your going to low.
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    mane man

    mane man Member

    Thanks pmgamer,

    Its strange with all the websites advising men about reducing high estradiol levels, there is so little mention of the results of low estradiol, which is just as bad as high if this is what i have.

    Never got much morning wood either way though, but got rid of panicy feelings. I will quit the DIM for a few days and see if my libido returns. If that doesnt work i will think i will try some armidex again and will be able to see right away if it is low estradiol (it could also be my thyroid).

    How long will it take for levels to recover? I am taking DHEA plus plenty of alcohol (medicinal purposes only:D) which i heard can cause pretty quick estradiol increases.

    Also would hairloss all over the head be a sign of low estradiol?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    It 's hard to say how long it will take to come back up and doing DHEA and alcohol to bring up levels does not sound so good to me. If you don't need DHEA and Take it it can mess up other things. Alcohol and a low thyroid is a bad mix so stop this.

    It's not your libido that will come back up it's your night time and morning wood. If when you went on this and you did to much you can go down past the right level and miss out on the wood you can go down to fast. To come back up if you were low a long time can take up to 6 weeks if not on TRT. Being on TRT can take 3 to 4 weeks if you were low a long time.
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    mane man

    mane man Member

    S##t! I was counting on it being a few days. I think i was low for a week or two. Ya am low on dhea also.
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    Stop playing around with guessing games get it tested.
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    mane man

    mane man Member

    Will do tests but wont get a chance for a cople of weeks. THen i wont get results for another couple of weeks.:(

    Just think its a bit crazy with the amount of reccommendations to reduce your estradiol level when its high, you cannot find one mention about problems with low estradiol in men.

    when i done arimidex i felt great, but then i started to feel a bit down, so i tested it and was a little low so stopped everything. I restarted 300mg of pure DIM per day and have been feeling good except for the no libido. Recently i was waking up with wood in the middle of the night which i thought was just with needing to use the toilet but i usually dont get wood like that so it has me confused..

    This is why i wondered if reducing my estradiol had a knock on effect, like improving my use of thyroid or affecting some other hormone.:confused:

    Anyway, have been off dim for 2 days, not feelin too great. Will stay off for a few days and then retry arimidex if still not feeling great, as im not sure if am low or high in estradiol. Will let u know anyway..
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    mane man

    mane man Member

    Dont mean to be a whiney bitch. I blame my hormones:eek:
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    JanSz Junior Member

    you cannot find one mention about problems with low estradiol in men.

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    Dopamineloveaffair Junior Member

    Most of the symptoms are similar for low and high estradiol. The main differance being, there is considerable less bloat and more joint pain when it's low.

    Erectile dysfunction, depression, and loss of energy are all similar for the most part for low and high estradiol.
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    Depression, strokes, atherloscolorsis, osteopenia, digestive issues, weight loss, fat gain, fatty liver, DIABETES, CANCER
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    maverick22 Junior Member

    How low is too low? The normal Labcorp range is 0-53pg/ml which is so misleading.

    How can someone with zero E2 be normal?
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    Higher the shbg more e2 you can have
    lower the shbg less e2 to be optimal . 15-25 is optimal range if shbg is 20-25
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    mane man

    mane man Member

    Cheers for advice guys,

    Ya ,you were correct as usual pmgamer. My libido has come back after stopping the DIM. Problem now is im walking around with a tent all day :D.

    Took only a couple of days off DIM for my libido to return. Havent taken any DIM in about 6 or 7 days, so will probabally restart now at a lower dose.
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    TrembMan Junior Member

    So,E2 was too low,right?

    Sorry if English is incorrect,I'm Brazilian.
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    TrembMan Junior Member

    Insonia(wake up in the middle of the night,mild sleep) is one of symptoms of low estradiol???
    No morning woods too...loss of libido...

    I'm taking letrozol....I'm thinking this is causing to me very low estradiol.

    sorry for my english,help you understand.
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    mane man

    mane man Member

    Have found that i was waking up early and not getting back to sleep, but that could have been a number of things.
    Main thing i found with the low estradiol was lack of libido, maybe also a bit down.
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    InvestmentBanker Junior Member

    Can you naturally have low estrodial? I have had similar symptoms but as long as I remember. My estrone level on a recent test was 22 pg/ml on a 30 - 58 scale. Of course this was on a saliva test and I have been informed a saliva test is only good for Cortisol. Any ideas??
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    pmgamer18 Member

    First get your estradiol tested this is the bad guy if your high above 35 pg/ml and don't have night time or morning wood get on some arimidex or Indolplex/DIM. If you try this do searchs on it here so you know how to take them. Only do one or the other.
    PhytoPharmica Indolplex with DIM
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    fbcoach Member

    Hi Phil,
    You have answered this before for me. I found your advice very useful. Last year my E2 was 15. I felt this was too low. I stopped the arimidex for a week and sure enough, morning wood came back strong. I just received my new bloodwork and my E2 was <10. My symptoms are poor recovery from exercise, dehydration, imsomnia, aches and pains, etc. I am on 120mgs testosterone/week and .25mgs arimidex twice a week. Approximately, how long will it take for my E2 to come back up? Again, thanks for your help and validation.

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