Low Fat vs Low Carbs

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    what is the best combinations of food?

    first cycle i stuck to a hi carb/hi protein/moderate fat diet
    but ended up with a lot of bloat and spill over toward the end
    i never took aromasin

    2nd cycle started today
    i will start aromasin when the time comes
    and i am interested in opinions on your diets
    cuz i really want to stick to a strictregime and know how to eat

    naturally ectomorph if that means anything. body will not hold onto fat while natural

    my hi fat/low carb:
    ground beef/ fish/ whole eggs, cottage cheese/ whole milk/ almonds,cashews,peanuts/ avocado/ some cheeses/ yogurt/ healthy oils

    ex: 6-8oz cooked meat, scoop of cottage cheese, almonds + veggies
    6 whole eggs, avocado, yogurt

    my low fat/high carb:
    chicken/ pork/ egg whites/ potato/ rice/ oatmeal/ sweet potato/ some breads/ fruits

    ex: 6-8oz cooked chicken, rice + veggies

    i like to eat carbs before a work out tho that does make a difference for me for sure

  2. For myself (personally) I aim to keep fats below 90 for the day. Carbs vary and that’s dependent on what type of training I’m doing (power or hypertrophy) and also what aas are in effect as well. For instance right now I started running a test Blend and npp. With that I will keep fats the same and carbs will be around 300-350 for the first few weeks and then check in to see if I wanna add, keep the same, or lower a little. Protein remains at 1.5/lb. that number seems to always work for me. But, when I switch over to Parabolan and drop the npp I will gradually every week lower my carbs from wherever they’re at (assuming it will be around the 300 range) and more or less end up around 100-150ish end of cycle. That for me is giving myself enough to grow on and add lean and cleaner weight then also allow myself to hold onto what I’ve gained for the most part and really let it come out of the shell. I tend to also gain fat easily. But what I’ve found by messing around with numbers and whatnot and my body those seem to work well for me atm. I may opt to push carbs even high in the beginning and really step out of my comfort zone and see what happens. All in all there’s a lot of different variables. Best one I listen to is the picture in the mirror every two weeks..
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  3. Missed part of the post. I apologize. Fat/pro meals tend to keep carbs around 10g. Carb/pro fats are 10 or less. I have some GI issues too so my carb sources are normally oats, rice here and there, high fiber cereals, English muffins, and seeet potatoes. Fats mainly from lean red meat, salmon, and eggs. I keep red meat limited in my diet(harsh for me to digest) most protein source come from chicken breast, turkey breasts, lean red meats, fish, pork tenderloins, eggs/egg whites. Also, about 80% of my daily carbs are consumed pre and post workout. For me that’s what seems to give me the most energy for workouts and allow smooth digestion for the rest of the day.
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    It really won’t make much of a difference I. Body composition provided calories and protein are matched. Most people will perform better with higher carbs but not everyone.
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    very good insight. thanks!
    would u recommend npp during a 3rd cycle?

    i was thinking about using dbol during this cycle
    maybe start it when the test kicks in
    or would that be a little much?
  6. Honestly bro I can’t tell you what or what not to run. I definitely wouldn’t get carried away with a bunch of compound and if you do decide to run NPP 400mg/wk seems to be a good starting sweet spot. If your diet and training are in tune you won’t be disappointed.
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    Only difference is how your body responds to insulin. If you put on fat with high carbs even at lower end glycemic scale carbs then you should stick to low end carb diet.
    And vice versa

    Of course theres a little more to it but thats an easy starting point