Low glucose, high insulin

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  1. Avies48

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    Ok so over this past year im having issues with low blood glucose, and high insulin

    My blood sugar has been around 110 or so upon waking

    What can i do to lower my insulin while raising my glucose? And lower my blood sugar

    Ive got metformin er and standard

    Never been diabetic, so im confused

    Any advice or direction is appreciated

    Only been on trt, but for about 10 yrs or so, a few shots of deca here and there for joint support many many yrs ago,
  2. Evom1

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    I think you're confused.

    110 is HIGH blood glucose, you're pre diabetic

    Whats your diet? How much are you lifting and how much cardio are you doing? Let's tackle those first as they're the key factors.

    Metformin SR is typically taken with your last meal of the day. Beginning at 500mg and increasing to a maximum of 2000mg if necessary however there is the potential for kidney damage I believe. Let's have someone more educated chime in.... @Dr JIM can you help this guy out?
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  3. Avies48

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    110 is high blood sugar.....u can't really truly check fasting glucose unless u have blood drawn....from my understanding, and each works with each other....

    But thats not helping to answer my question of having low glucose(blood draw) yet high insulin?
  4. Avies48

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    And as of late im doing no cardio or lifting....haven for years due to injuries from being in the service and horrible depression umong other things...
  5. Evom1

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    You're saying blood glucose and blood sugar are two different things?

    And how are you measuring your "insulin" ?

    I think you're a bit confused on things but what's important is your fasted bg is 110 and that's pre-diabetic

    Your blood glucose/blood sugar is what you're checking in the morning with a meter. With that being high and in the pre-diabetic range (110) You need to make some serious life style changes.

    Begin with a lower carb diet, focusing on protein and good fats. Eliminate sugar. Begin exercising at least 4x a week.
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  7. Avies48

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    Thanks evom1,

    What im sayin is thru blood testing my glucose is low and has been for a while, now when u actually draw blood my glucose was 55 which is low which is not the same as doing a finger prick which reads 110, and thru blood work my insulin has been high at 77,

    Now from my understanding glucose drawn from a blood test is not the same as pricking ur finger and getting a higher reading....
  8. Avies48

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    This is how it is all interrelated, so yes blood sugar and glucose are 2 separate readings, not the same thing, both as explained below Screenshot_20180628-143132_Google.jpeg
  9. Evom1

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    I think you're using blood glucose and blood sugar in place of "whole blood" vs "plasma". I believe your meter measures bg through whole blood and a lab measures via plasma

    Again ideally @Dr JIM can give a formal medical view on this
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  10. Avies48

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    Yeah man i might be, and apologize for the back and forth, im just looken to figure out whats going on, because feeling dizzy all day is no beuno
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    Blood sugar and blood glucose are one and the same. Whether its a finger prick or blood drawn out of your arm,, its the same thing. You need to read up some more on this topic.
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  12. Evom1

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    If your blood work says 55 and your meter says 110 and you're dizzy, that sounds like the meter is way off and you're actually low.

    I had a bg meter that I found to be not so accurate. I did some research and found the freestyle lite and the Aviva accu-chek meters were tested to be 96%+ accurate. So I switched to one of those
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  13. Dr JIM

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    Darn right he’s confused and I’d suggest this fella see his DOCTOR, and stop playing with drugs and hormones to “treat” diseases he knows next to nothing about.

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  14. Dr JIM

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    While laymen often state my “blood sugar level” what they are referring to (whether they know it or not) IS their serum glucose level.

    And all assays from home “blood sugar” monitors, finger sticks or formal lab draws are evaluating the same molecule GLUCOSE

    They ARE the same thing.

  15. Avies48

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    Alrighty a big ol fuck u to the so called garage "doctor"

    I heard u were a dick head but i guess they underplaid just how unhelpful of a dick head u truly were..

    Thanks for helping people
  16. Avies48

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    holy snikes im am deeply sorry for that last posting, i was drunk, seems like an excuse i know, and a bit pissed at my own doctor, i am deeply saddened by my actions and ask for it to be removed please
  17. Eman

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    Posts don't get removed here...

    Booze isn't going to help your blood sugar, or your depression. Hope you get it under control.

    PIZZABOY Member

    Unlike that fine scotch you downed last night, read everything you can on glycemic index. The way to control your diabetes is with exercise and correct portions of the of the right foods. Drugs are just a band aid for the lazy drunks
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    Mine was around there. I take berberine and now I stay around 90 in the mornings.
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