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  1. Trapz

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    I came off a 6 month cycle some months ago. I felt incredible for about 5-6 weeks then over a couple weeks I totally crashed. Had bloods done.

    Test : 108 ng/dl
    LH : 3.6
    FSH : 2.7

    I went on a nolvadex restart for 3 weeks and got bloods done about 4 weeks after shown below.

    Test: 599 ng/dl
    LH : 5.4
    FSH : 1.9

    The lower LH and FSH confuse me as my test is pretty up there. Any idea why my FSH is lower than pre pct? Would I be considered fully recovered? 70% 80%? My nuts are a little sore/tender. Wasn't sure if another round of pct is smart as I'm technically both primary and secondary. I'm 24 and was considering a 16 week cycle but these result make me want to check here first.
  2. Trapz

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    Think I found the answer. Leydig cells are extremely sensitive so no need for more to make the leydig cells produce testosterone
  3. Michael Scally MD

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    And, just how do you come to this conclusion?

    "Wasn't sure if another round of pct is smart as I'm technically both primary and secondary."
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  4. Docd187123

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    I was just going to ask the same question.

    OP, were you on the nolva when you did the second round of bloods? Or is that 4wks after you finished the nolva that you did the bloods.
  5. Trapz

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    Sorry I meant it does NOT seem like i am primary or secondary as my testosterone is in a normal range. My ejaculate is up. My LH and FSH are in normal ranges. I was just worried about the very low FSH and was seeing if this indicates I am not recovered.

    Bloods were taken over 4 weeks after nolva.
  6. Docd187123

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    In one sentence you say your FSH is in normal range and in the next you say very low FSH. You can’t have both obviously. Your levels seem fine. If your worried you could always get a sperm test done for fertility purposes but I wouldn’t worry about it.
  7. Trapz

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    It's 1.9 which is just barely above the normal range. The normal range includes 80-90 year old men. I was just confirming that's not abnormal
  8. Docd187123

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    If you think about it for a second you’ll realize that it doesn’t include 80-90yo men. Each blood test you do has to be assayed and validated based on local demographics for a HEALTHY population sample. What 80-90yo is concerned about fertility? Can you explain that to me please?
  9. Jay Monks

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    Even if you are indeed primary and secondary. A further pct isnt going to make it worse is it.
  10. master.on

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    This is what I've been telling you guys all the time:

    Once excess Androgens or estrogens are gone (stopped pinning), the pituitary always resets itself (can take a couple months)
    but even with normal LH/FSH levels (please post LH/FSH reference ranges in the bloodwork report), the testis fail to respond to make enough testosterone.

    Only hcg (HCG+FSH or HCG+HMG is even better), will provide the extra LH/FSH-like stimulation needed to (hopefully) restore the testis back to normal. Normal natural LH/FSH ain't enough for recovery.
  11. Docd187123

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    Stop talking you idiot. If the pituitary ALWAYS resets itself then how do you explain secondary hypogonadism as characterized by low LH/FSH and low serum TT?
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