Low Libido 3+ Years After Test Cycle, On TRT, Help Please!

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  1. Allan

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    Hi guys, first time poster on the Meso RX forums.

    I’m 26 with a past history of AAS.

    Superdrol when I was 19, I could buy it OTC. 2 test cycles in 2015, the first of which had 6 weeks superdrol front load along with 4 weeks of tren from 150mg up to 350mg.

    I guess I did them too close together and my body hasn’t been right since.

    I’ve left my body along for 2 years to no avail. Started TRT with hcg and an AI and it hasn’t yielded results.

    I quit TRT for awhile but started again in May 2019.

    I’ve been told I need to stick to a protocol for at least 8 weeks which I wasn’t doing before. That’s fine I can wait. I’m just confused and was jumping around protocols cuz I used to take test and feel great. Now I’m struggling. Why?

    I’d love for this to be a matter of just waiting but I feel like there’s more than testosterone going in.

    I’m currently on 75mg every Monday and Thursday. Day 32 tmrw on 01/06/2020.

    This is after a miserable time on 100mg e5d.

    These were my thyroid numbers among other things. Is it possible I’m subclinical to a certain extent.

    Thyroid & Iron Panel
    TSH 1.87 (0.40-4.50 mIU/L)
    t3, TOTAL 96 (76-181 ng/dL)
    T3, FREE 3.2 (2.3-4.2 pg/mL)
    T4 (THYROXINE), TOTAL 6.0 (4.9-10.5 mcg/dL)
    T4, FREE 1.1 (0.8-1.8 ng/dL)
    T3 REVERSE, LC/MS/MS 15 (8-25 ng/dL)
    FERRITIN 94 (38-380 ng/mL)
    IRON, TOTAL 146 (50-195 mcg/dL)
    IRON BINDING CAPACITY 324 (250-425 mcg/dL)
    % SATURATION 45 (20-48 %)

    DHEA SULFATE 211 (85-690 mcg/dL)
    prolactin 7.7 (2.0-18.0 ng/mL)
    CORTISOL, A.M.14.5 (4.0-22.0 mcg/dL)

    Main symptoms:
    A step slow in cognition
    Libido and Ed issues.

    I just want to live my life as a healthy 26 year old. This is not a life to live and it irks my soul that I can’t present my best self every day.

    Glad to answer any and all questions. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  2. Are you using any drugs, booze, opioids, tobacco or even something prescribed? Are you sleeping poorly, bad diet, too much body fat, stress, anxiety, depression etc? If you can honestly say no to all these things then it’s most likely psychological, well if you’re stressed/anxious/depressed that would also be psychological ED. Libido and boners are highly influenced by the mind. I guess it’s possible you might need some hormone suppressed by trt, I know I had better libido with my natural hormones or something that stimulated my natural hormones over trt and other aas. Of course that could all have been in my head
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  3. Havah

    Havah Member

    What do you mean exactly by "psychological" ?
  4. Mental, basically saying it’s more likely his issues are mental whether from stress or imagined than physical.
  5. Allan

    Allan Junior Member

    No drugs. Very lite cannabis from time to time as i write music and it helps me get in the zone. But no heavy drug use.

    I have a good diet. I get good sleep on most nights. I dont THINK im stressed nor depressed, but this doesnt make me happy either.

    You think no morning wood, random erections and lack of libido and penile sensitivity could be psychological?

    I'm currently on trt as i felt awful being natty. High SHBG was eating up all my free test and i couldn't improve it for shit.

    Let's entertain the mental, how would i go about fixing it?
  6. Some say excessive porn can lead to those issues but idk how true that is. Anyway to answer your question I most definitely think a mental cause could even lead to less morning erections. A year or so ago when I was on trt I was convinced I had a similar issue as you. It was on my mind so much that even in my sleep when I had any type of sexual dream I’d catch myself checking to see if I was hard...I’d start feeling myself working my pelvic floor muscles to see how hard I was, in my sleep lol. The mind is so powerful that if it believes there’s a problem then you’ll experience that problem.

    Anywho don’t let me stop you from checking for a physical cause, with your age you’ll have to find a good dr and really push them to not just give you an rx for viagra/cialis and actually check tho. And maybe you do have something out of balance hormone wise. If mental it’s definitely more challenging, you’ll have to try and forget you even have a problem, not obsess over this which is difficult I know. All while working on making yourself happy. You’ve been having this problem for awhile now so it’s best to get professional help to look into both mental and physical health etc

    I know for me not obsessing so much and as well as possibly going off trt helped a great deal, I’m sure the former was a bigger help for me.
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  7. BirdieNumNum

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    My libido never fully recovered. I'm sure it's some neurological damage due to the tren and other AAS. Which I'm afraid could be permanent.
  8. Allan

    Allan Junior Member

    I've used tren lightly but i do wonder if it had any effect. heck i even wonder that about superdrol.

    whats your past aas history like and what have you tried to do to rectify it?
  9. BirdieNumNum

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    Oh mate. My history is extensive quite Unbelievable, and I am one very young man. You can find my thread if you look. But hope everything works out for you.
  10. BirdieNumNum

    BirdieNumNum Member

    Very lucky*
  11. BIG74

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    @Allan did you ever get your issue squared away?
  12. g-protein

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    Following the thread.. Similar issues, but it started after battling with anorexia when I was 16 and I am now 25. So close to ten years with zero libido, what a fun life. Feels like my neurotransmitters are all fucked up, since I experience slight anhedonia most of the time too. I don't get any increase in libido on cycles neither regardless of compounds, its just as dead as it is if i were on natty test.
  13. BirdieNumNum

    BirdieNumNum Member

    Can relate to this.
  14. beachathlete

    beachathlete Member

    I’m by no means an expert so please take whatever I say as such I just know how much it sucks having low libido. You gave a lot of thyroid results but what were your test scores like?

    For me - I find 300/wk test is a sweet spot for my libido. Maybe it’s not the most sound advice but I’d be willing to try anything and I would be doing test 2x a week at 150/shot and see how you are in 6 weeks.

    Again, I’m just writing from my experience and by no means an expert just going off of what has helped me personally I’m a lot older at 40.
  15. Chronostatic

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    You mention taking an aromatase inhibitor. Which one, what dose?

    Where are your lab numbers for T, E2?

    Are you now, or have you ever been prescribed any mental health drugs?

    Resting heart rate and BP? any BP meds?

    Daily cialis 20mg for a month may help to jumpstart your mental block over having a condition. It was very useful in my case and at this point my libido is really healthy.

    Current or past opioid use? Including Kratom!

    Alcohol consumption?

    Calories/Pro/Cho/Fat ? Meals per day/timing?

    These are just to scrape the surface. There are more important psychological investigations to be considered. Consulting a Sex Behavior specialist is something that almost everyone should do after 25years old. The benefits are surprising and results definitely bleed into daily mental health functioning.
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  16. Eatclenand69

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    I too started my first cycle (Test E + Dbol) at a young age, 20 to be exact. Low libido was a problem a little after 12 weeks into the cycle... I had a high sex drive before cycle (jerk off 1-3x a day).

    After those 12 weeks I'm not sure why my rod became a noodle... Too much porn? Too my much sex? But right now it's been 5 years later and I only get off once a day with my lady... It sucks and I think I might try semen retention for a few months to see what happens...

    My diet is healthy. Sleep could be better as it's only 5-6 hours a night... Low libido gas given stress and anxiety I'd say... Multivitamins and zinc has helped a little bit though, but didn't overcome the problem.

    Some weeks I'm rock hard and others I'm not horny at all. As mentioned above cialis can help... On the low weeks I'll pop one Cialis every 3 days ( Monday & Thursday) and I'll be ready to go for 2 weeks... I'm not sure what my problem is but a lot of us are on the same boat.
  17. Allan

    Allan Junior Member

    I believe that this isn’t something that is discussed enough in the steroid community: the possibility of neurological damage.

    If this information was more widespread when I was younger, I guaranteed I would stay away from these drugs. I was under the assumption TRT was the worse thing that could occur, however this is a fate worse than death.

    I’m lucky to have a valid steroid connect and I’m going to add HGH to my TRT, 2iu Mon-Fri

    if it’s neurological which I’m assuming my problem is, HgH should be able to aid in permanent recovery with months of continuous use.

    I’ll report back should any significant changes occur.
  18. Grab Bag

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    This is as good of a post as you’re going to get on meso. Community service award right here.
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  19. Grab Bag

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    Dude, stop adding stuff. You need to pick ONE protocol and stick to it for at least three months, then see where you’re at.
    Same dose of Test, same amount of AI, monitored by bloodwork, done with absolute consistency.

    Also, consider consulting a mental health professional and see what else you have going on. Good luck, and report back to let us know how things progress for you.
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  20. Allan

    Allan Junior Member

    lol you don’t think I’ve done that...

    If it were that simple, I’d already have been better.

    this is what I mean, why is it so hard to believe that some neurological problems could genuinely take place? What is it that makes you think it’s soooo unlikely that that could occur.

    of course I’ve been on the same dose of test, AI or no AI. Tried the supplements, did the meditation, etc. I’m also not some super depressed kid like I was when I was younger in highschool. Funny thing is, my libido was raging when I was depressed back then. Now as an adult who has his shit together with the whole world in front of him, I can’t seem to find libido and healthy erections of the life of me after one botched cycle.

    I don’t WANT to do HGH. But it would be insane to do the same thing over and over and again and expect things to miraculously be fixed one day.

    besides I AM sticking with a regular 75mg twice a week of test. I’m just adding HGH on top of that and see how things go for the next several months.

    I wish that my problems were this simple. But when you’ve done things to ameliorate your condition and you’ve seen it work, only to fail in front of you eyes multiple times, that tells me there is some neurological mechanism off.

    talking to a therapist isn’t going to make me wake up with a boner ready to bang some broads.

    i have to think outside the box here on this one.