Low oh and fsh during hcg usage

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    hello all,

    Did bloods in the middle of a cycle:

    - 400mg test e
    - 50 mg drol
    - 20 mg tamox/day
    - 500 mg hcg per week

    My bloods came with high estradiol, high test and low ph and fsh. Shouldn’t the lh/fsh be in the high end since I’m using hcg? I stated arimasin 12.5 mg eod to decrease estradiol (no sides from it I could note)
    - test: 2172
    - estradiol: 133
    Lh: <0.2
    Fsh: <0.7

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    Get a pregnancy test and put your hug on it
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    Because of exogenous test injections, HPTA shuts down and as a result, LH and FSH becomes really low. HCG from HCG injections, which is an analogue to LH, does not add to blood LH. But exogenous HCG does exert the same action on the testes as the one produced by the body so it keeps your testes from shrinking and keeps them working even your HPTA is shut down.
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    Just did the test and I am pregnant so the hcg is g2g
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