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    I have not had time to get a full set of labs yet but was wondering what can cause low percentage free testosterone, other than high estradiol? If a person has off the charts high total testosterone (naturally), low estradiol but low to mid range free T. I thought that getting my E2 in check would make my percentage free go up but it did not. My previous blood test showed 894 ng/dl with the top of the range being 824, with a 12 ng/dl free test level (5 - 21 range) and percentage at 1.3% (1.5% - 4.0%).

    I did not have my estradiol checked but thought it would be high. After testing it recently it was at 11 pg/?l on a < 53 scale. This is after Indolplex/DIM for a week. I went and had another blood test done and this time I was at 915 ng/dl, 11.43 free test, 1.1% percentage. All were the same reference ranges. I did add DHEA 25 mg per day, Zinc 50 mg per day, Copper 2 mg per day, Magnesium 500 mg per day and Vitamin C 1000 mg per day. What could I be doing wrong? What else would cause my Free T to be that low? Thanks.
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    I am not sure my Dr. feels % of Free is worthless but you need to stop the Indolplex/DIM you went to low. I think we talked about this but if you got wood back then lost it stop the DIM until it comes back that day go back on the DIM but cut the tablet in half.
    And T levels go up and down from lab to lab in this range.
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    Post your

    I will figure out your FreeT and tell you where you stand.

    Newer spend money testing FreeT directly, causes confussion and annoys everybody involved.
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    wow, nice natural testosterone level. your free is fine, but if you would want to raise it work on reducing insulin sensitivity. 65% of Americans are overweight ,if you are then there is a good chance you could have insulin sensitivity, hence reducing your free t levels. Work on diet, and cut back on alcohol if you are drinking any. Should be pretty simple. Most guys here would take your results in a minute.
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    im not overweight, I hover at around 10 - 15%, right now around 10%. That is working out really hard, lots of cardio and clean eating. I could be insulin sensitive since my brother and dad work out less, have a less strict diet and tend to stay in the 8 - 10% range. I am going to get the tests, as suggested by JanSz, and will report back.

    I know most on here would like high total T but if you dont feel like you are getting the benefits, whats the point of having it? I am not nearly as strong as my brother or dad....or other men at my gym ( of comparable size ) and I am fatigued a lot. Have been trying to figure out what is going on.
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    I thought it was called insulin resistant.?
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    Yea, I meant insulin resistance. Sorry
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    just making sure it was not something different.
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    I don't have an answer for you as I have a similiar problem. I am 33 years old and my percentage of free testosterone is only 1.41%. Normal is 1.50-2.20% What does this mean and how do I fix it. FYI- I do workout hard once/week. If I do more than once it takes me days to recover. I am thin, and very little fat.

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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    The free testosterone (FT) methodology is critical. Several laboratory assays and methods of calculation are used to measure testosterone: total testosterone (T = protein bound + free), free testosterone (FT = not bound to proteins), and bioavailable testosterone (BT = free + albumin bound). The methods used to conduct the measurements vary in their accuracy, standardization, the extent of validation, and the reproducibility of results. Free testosterone assay methods are equilibrium ultrafiltration, equilibrium dialysis, Coat-A-Count free testosterone solid RIA kit (Diagnostic Products), direct analog RIA, and calculation of free testosterone (cFT) from total testosterone and immunoassayed sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) concentrations. The cFT is accurate and reliable.
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