Low test low tren eq cutting cycle

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    19 or 20% bf?
    Been on trt for a year
    15 years lifting 3 to 5 days a week
    4th cycle
    Was cruising for a year and this is my blast

    Gonna do this fast and not slip up
    I am using this cycle as a cutting cycle with a very strict high protein low calorie low carb diet. Alot of you will not approve of this diet but i know what will get me the results I want and fast.
    I understand this is hard on my body. I pack on weight easliy . And I won't touch a drop of alcahol
    6 weeks of 1000 to 1500 cals a day only eating between 12 pm and 6 pm (18fast and 6 eat)
    Only eating ,Spinach , Tuna , chicken , egg whites , decafe tea. Hot sauce and mustard for sauce . I'm planning on upping my calories when I thin out more and adding carbs later on.

    I spend 5 days a week lifting weights @1 hour a day
    And 7 days a week cardio @1 to 1.5 hours a day. TOTAL OF 2 -3 HOURS IN THE GYM 7 days a week

    So far I'm into this 1 month today Started at 224lbs and as of today 202lbs and just benched 275 incline 3 times by myself (not much but personal record for me) my strength isgetting up there. l 'll post pics every other week. And again this is doing exactly what I want it to do as I gain weight REALLY easily but hold muscle well. . I've lost over 25 pounds and looking just half decent for niw finally and have built muscle while doing this. Lost a few more pounds theast last few days just starting to see smal light veins coming jn

    Weeks 1-16
    250mg test eneth 2.pins a week
    (mon / thurs)

    Weeks 1-6 (maybe longer)
    210mg - per week tren ace
    (70mg *Mon / Wed / Fri)

    Weeks 1-16
    400mg EQ boldenone per week
    (200mg *Mon / Fri)

    arimidex .5mg EOD
    Vitamin b6 300mg a day (help with sides)
    1 asprine


    Back onto trt regimine

    clomid and possibly hcg to slowly restart my things so I can get a baby

    I'm no pro at this but any suggestions please feel free !
    Or possible right off and take Clomid and try for my sperm count up with the hcg IMG_20180308_202141_680.jpg InShot_20180308_201725081.jpg IMG_20180308_202141_680.jpg InShot_20180308_201725081.jpg IMG_20180308_202141_680.jpg InShot_20180308_201725081.jpg
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    I would take a double dose of boldenone for your first 2. Otherwise it takes 8 weeks to peak. Just my opinion. I think that much arimidex is going to kill your estrogen but labs will tell the truth.
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    Nice transformation, i will say though you have got some balls for posting pics with your face and tats.
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    You had 15 years lifting experience in those first pics? And 4 cycles under your belt? Brother I would concentrate on your daily diet first, you aren't eating right. Are you using myfitnesspal or something like that yet? As an example here are my macros today.
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    How much clen did you take to lose like 8% body fat in a fucking month holy shit
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    I just want to know why you didn’t cover your face