Low testosterone 3 months after PCT

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  1. lupi

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    Hey guys,

    I was sloppy after my most recent cycle- 200 deca; 400 mg testoserone enanthate QW. I only did 2 weeks of tamoxifen- 1 week 40, one week 20. I underestimated perhaps the suppressive effect of Deca.
    I never had any significant issues on cycle or during pct.
    Now, 3 months after finishing my cycle I am having almost non existing libido and trouble with erection. I have never had an issue like this my all life.
    Current labs:

    LH 2.1 mU/mL; FSH 2.3; both low end of normal
    total testosterone 194 ng/dL low)
    free testosterone 3.6 pq/mL
    estradiol 6.3 pq/ml (low)
    DHEA-S 182 ug.dL (normal but on the low side)
    Progesterone 0
    HCT 52- highish

    This picture suggests that I am still suppressed. Any opinions?
  2. grey

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    It doesn't just suggest it, you are suppressed.
  3. ETownSmoke

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    Only 2 weeks of nolva for your pct is WAY wrong. A cycle like that should have been 4 weeks of nolva and clomid at minimum

    Get some hcg, nolva and clomid and restart your pct.
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  4. lupi

    lupi Junior Member

    I am doing a second pct (without hcg). I will add HCG to it. I've always rebounded well but this was my first time with deca. Lesson learnt.
    I know that the blood work is painting a pretty clear picture but it's always good to get other people's perspective. I never knew what difficulty getting an erection was, darn.
  5. Apexvallen

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    Deca is one of the hardest steroids ever to recover from and you decide to do the most small worthless pct ever? Yikes.

    PCT properly and try again.
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  6. ETownSmoke

    ETownSmoke Member

    You do the hcg before you restart your pct
  7. rated_rko

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    hcg should help man
  8. GymRat79

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    I ran a cycle of Test Prop only and am going to start running both clomid and nolva in a couple days. 4 weeks with Clomid being 50/25/25/12.5 along with Nolva being 40/20/20/10. Better to be safe and recover correctly.

    Next cycle will be Test E stacked with masteron for 16 weeks. Looking forward to that.
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  9. ETownSmoke

    ETownSmoke Member

    Test e with mast e is an awesome cycle. That was my last one and I was damn pleased with it.

    pct was 4 weeks of nolva @ 40/40/20/20 and clomid @
    50/50/25/25. hcg leading up to pct
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  10. lupi

    lupi Junior Member

    Thanks guys. I needed a few encouraging words. Any suggestions how high dose hcg?
  11. ETownSmoke

    ETownSmoke Member

    On cycle I run it at 500 a week but to refire your balls id suggest 2500 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks. Be fore warned you'll want to take an AI while your taking the hcg and stop it as soon as you restart your pct.
  12. GymRat79

    GymRat79 Member

    Do you think that would be a better PCT for my cycle or will 40/20/20/10 and 50/25/25/12.5 be effiecient for a first time cycle which was Test prop only at 525 a week?
  13. lupi

    lupi Junior Member

    Since it sucks the way I feel, I am thinking of using some low-dose TRT while on hcg. Is that a bad idea? Something not very suppressive like proviron.
  14. chop204

    chop204 Member

    Perfect pct, I used same thing protocol for myself and it worked for me on my last cycle which lasted like 5 years unfortunately.
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  15. lupi

    lupi Junior Member

    FYI to the ones who commented- it took me a year to recover. No amount of pct helped. Deca is evil in my book.
  16. An1970

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    Deca can definitely shot you down. You have to remember that not everybody is same. Your pct was inadequate, and you have obviously jumped into that cycle without planning it, or researching enough. This isn’t a game. There is plenty of knowledge on this forum, and majority of members are great people willing to help with good advice.
    Live and learn.
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  17. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    How many weeks were you on the test and deca?
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  18. socalmk6gti

    socalmk6gti Member

    What was your overall cycle like? I'm currently in week two of Dbol kick start with Test E and Mast E. Using 250iu hcg EOD but wanted to see how others bridge cycle to pct with HCG as there are a million opinions on this. Thanks
  19. stevonov

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    if you didn't do hcg at all try splitting 5000 iu over ten days. 500 a day will restart you if you have not used it much in the past then go into a the clomid. fertility doc had me on clomid for three months before was normal.