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  1. SirPuFFaLoT

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    I decided to "kick start" my Test-C cycle with 50mg Dbol per day. After a few days, the Dbol was making me extremely lethargic throughout the day but the feeling during my workouts was fantastic. I felt like an animal when I took 25mg dbol before working out; best workouts I have ever had.

    That said, I couldn't handle the tired brain dead feelings while at work so I stopped taking the dbol for the past 2 days and the lethargy has gone away. I really liked the feeling during my workouts though so my question is do you think it would be worth it to drop down to 25mg a day (pre workout) for the next few weeks until this Test-C fully kicks in? I'm hoping the sides wont be as bad with half the dosage but not sure if there will be any benefit to only 25mg per day.

    This is my first cycle. Test-C @ 400mg per week for 12 weeks.

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  2. 350lift

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    Try 25 pre workout 25 night
  3. Whoremoans

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    25mg preworkout is enough, that’s what I’ve been taking more often than not. It does the trick for strength and pumps for sure.
  4. Or you could get some winny, and try 3 days of dbol, and then do 3 days of winny, then repeat over and over for 6 weeks.
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  5. cochino

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    Yep. Same here. I take 30 mg preworkout and make some pretty decent gains. At 50 mg the back pumps are too much even if I spread the dosages out.
    OP, 25 mg preworkout is fine.
  6. skinnyman

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    25-30mg preworkout. Only bad thing is that I've gained to much water and fat I feel like. Best pre-workout I've ever taken. Prefer 30mg Dianabol over 50mg Anadrol or 50mg winstrol. Tbol is also good but 30mg dianabol is what I prefer.
  7. Whoremoans

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    I’ve tried a good bit of orals. Dbol, anadrol, winstrol, Anavar, halo, superdrol, a little M1T, a prohormone stack called Super DMZ 3.0 with DMZ, methylstenbolone, and another called 1-alpha or something like that. Having used all of these dbol is still my favorite by far. The results you get, and relatively mild side effects make it an amazing drug. Awesome strength, huge pumps, weight and size gains. Not crazy toxic compared to some. My second favorite would have to be either superdrol or winstrol. Superdrol is amazing, it’s jusy toxic as fuck. Winstrol produces a hard grainy look like no other, but fucks up lipids big time, and is supposed to increase risk of tendon rupture. I love em all, but dbol will always be #1 for me.
  8. 350lift

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    What’s your experience with superdrol
    And what’s your experience with super dmz 3.0? <- this one im especially interested in.
    Strength and weight gain?
  9. SirPuFFaLoT

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll do the 25mg a day over the next week and see how that goes. Hopefully it is a small enough dosage to avoid feeling tired all day. I do drink lots of water but I guess I have abused my liver too much over the years for it to keep up with the 50mg dose.

    Next cycle, I'll try TBol instead.
  10. cochino

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    I love tbol st 60 mg a day. You won't blow up like you do on dbol, but I feel I can run it longer at 50-60 mg and have some nice, keepable gains with no sides except some leg pumps.
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  11. Whoremoans

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    Superdrol is amazing. Epic size and strength. Huge pumps and weight gain, without the bloat and estrogen issues that commonly come with dbol. But it’s toxic as fuck. Makes you feel lethargic, and nasty. Super DMZ 3.0 I don’t remember being very noteworthy. Definitely dry gains, but I’d probably pick something else over it, or just straight up Dimethazine, without the other two prohormones added, and run it at a higher dose. Superdrol is definitely better tho imo.
  12. cochino

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    Yes hydration is key on orals. I fucking feel europhic on dbol and/or test. Those are the two best mood enhancers for me.
  13. 350lift

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    Thanks I wanna just run sdrol but it makes me hate life.

    Was gonna try to substitute it with 60mg m1ad (m1a) and 60mg dmz instead
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  14. socalmk6gti

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    Maybe add in some coconut water and Himalayan sea salt to your intra-workout drink. Water is good but you need to replenish electrolytes and sodium.

    Dbol should be making you get a great pump which mentally should make you amped to lift.
  15. EazyE

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  16. SirPuFFaLoT

    SirPuFFaLoT Member

    For sure!! Loving Dbol during training. I always set a 1.5 minute timer for rest time between sets. Normal workouts, my timer goes off and I take another 20-30 seconds with positioning and psyching myself up for the next set. This week (Dbol crazed) I was pacing around the bar ready to pounce. I kept stopping my timer short so I could get on with my next set. MORE REPS!! RARRR!!. lol, F'n love it!

    Really hoping a 25mg dose is a good balance so I can get that beast mode training and not be tired all day afterwards.
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  17. skinnyman

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    Wow I was just about to ask this, I think I felt it today!
    My tendons feel a lot better now, no pain at all almost. But maybe that's just in my head lol.
  18. Monstar

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    I loved dbol when I was younger for all reasons you mentioned plus the fact that it stacked awesome with most anything. Something in my body changed as I got older. It's the only oral that makes me lethargic now and jerks around my estradiol. Pisses me off.

    These days it's winny and drol. I don't get joint pains on winny and don't bloat on drol. Neither fucks my lipids or liver much at reasonable doses. I'm thankful these didn't go to hell too. I'll also run var but outside of some surprisingly decent strength, it doesn't wow me much.
  19. MindlessWork

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    I plan to also use dbol and 10 pre and 10 after is what I would be starting with and then ramping up to 20 pre 20 after. Also want to control the bloat as well.

    AS I am older I may keep dose of dbol lowish.
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  20. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    I do like drol, it’s given me some decent results in the past but nothing quite like dbol. It always seemed a little overhyped in my opinion.. people talk about Anadrol like it’s the strongest oral ever. Winny I absolutely love though. Only ran it for one solid cycle, but it was great. And we have the same opinion on Anavar, it’s decent, but nothing to write home about. I’d be comfortable running it for a full 12 weeks though, so that’s definitely notable.
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