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    I know that stinging nettles are good for lowering SHBG along with fish oils, but where do I get the correct extract for this at proper % of active ingredients and cheapest price. I just want the herb by it self nothing else..and what dosage 200 mgs 3 times a day?
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    zkt Member

    I check at Wallyworld first, then Drug Emporium, GNC and the net last. Whether there is a difference in quality in herbals is anyones guess. Same goes for recommecded doseage unless there have been studies done- usually not. IMHO
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    Walleyworld ? IS this national lampoons vacation or what HAHA
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    zkt Member

    I`ve heard it called a lot worse than that but WTF; give`em a break. After all they have lowered prices and wages and health care and ....
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    just ordred unleashed by protein factory it has all the ingediaents in standarized for with only 3 tablets a day. I am going to have blood test taken before and after to see if it really does work !!
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    Naturdoc Junior Member

    You want nettle root , not nettle leaf or seed. Herbalcom.com is one source for bulk herbs. The main study for lowering SHBG was done with methanolic extract not the common ethanolic extract. Unfortunately no one seems to have jumped on this potential and made a supplement targeting SHBG.
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    Could lack of not eating fish or taking fish oils for several months cause elevated shbg as well as increasing Arachonic acid to high through diet also impacted my prostrate as resulting causing inflammation of vascular system elevated Lp(A). Taking flush niacin 500 mgs x2 , vitamin C 3000 mgs and 3000 mgs lysine for lp(a), but alot of studies on lp(a) links back to estrogens as main culprit mainly as too much.Niacin does not flush as hard as it used to could my body get adjusted to it? I know the main problem is in estrogen metabolism that is a given..taking in flax and fish oils I had testosterone of 1200 with no AI and shbg of 17 and e2 of 17 which makes sense of simply blalcning out my EFA should resolve the problem. I also had severe iodine deficincy as well and are on iodoral for that 50 mgs, I stopped the DIM because it was lowering my homocysteine even lower depleting my low methyl groups to begin with, but I am replenish them..
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    zkt Member

    Sounds good.
    I heard the stinging nettles work even better if you let them sting you. [:eek:)]
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    JanSz Junior Member

    What stings is a little hairs on the leafs.
    For SHBG roots are good.

    I am originally from Poland and there was plenty of Stinging Nettle around my parents house.
    Getting burned by Stinging Nettle over larger surface of body is helpfull in some case but I forgot in what. Folks remedies.
    It is possible to develop resistance to the sting specially on hands and forearms (my experience).

    Pokrzywa (Polish) - Stinging Nettle
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    cbc15156 Junior Member

    Methanolic extract of nettle can also inhibit SHBG. It binds to SHBG and therefore blocks its testosterone binding effects, thus allowing more testosterone to be in its natural free state. This root has also been used for benign prostatic hyperplasia. It inhibits the binding of dihydrotestosterone ( DHT), a prostate growth stimulator, to the prostate.

    It seems to me that this supplement has been vastly overlooked by many in the bodybuilding world. Saw Palmetto also works similarly with DHT but not with SHBG. Am I correct in thinking that both of these combined could potentially stop virtually all sides from prohormones/prosteroids?? Makes sense to me but i'm just spit balling. It's my understanding that most of the negative affects of prohormones are from DHT. However i'm not sure about the high blood pressure and DHT. Ok i'll shut my trap now :D
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    mqsymth Junior Member

    Nutraplanet makes Divanex Stinging Nettle Root 95% which is 95% 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran .

    They claim that this product is the most effective to bind to SHBG.

    I took it at 400mg/day for about 2 months but it did not decrease my SHBG. Of course my E2 was in the 40s at that time and I was not on arimidex.
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    increase your protein or absorption there for of protein and you may see it go down. Most BB have low shbg because of their diet ..high fiber/ low protein or fat ratio will increase shbg

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