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    Hey guy's will be starting my log in this section the cycle I am going to run in this log will be-
    Test-E 1-14 600mg EW
    tren 50mg ED 7-14
    Anadrol 100mg ED 11-14
    clomid 50/50/25/25mg ED 18-21
    nolva 40/40/20/20mg ED 18-21
    arimidex .5 mg EOD
    Multi-vitamin ED
    Digestive enzymes ED
    Fish Oil ED
    Not running bloodwork :oops:
    Currently sitting at 186lbs 10% body fat-if not lower-
    Main goal is to gain muscular size-ending-somewhere around 215-220lbs

    2 Prior cycles of Test-e 500mg 12 weeks w/D Bol 30mg 4 weeks..I did these two prematurely I think...My dieting and training definitely could've been better when doing these prior cycles and I've been waiting to dial things to before I started this you can see my prior posts I've been planning this for months.

    Will monitor vitals and blood pressure daily- With daily posts of them...along with my training and eating for that day/How I'm feeling/Sleep

    I will start this in the next couple days prior to starting my cycle.

    Give me any amount of feedback during my log! Motivation or anything! ;)

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    Not running bloodwork... why, God? Why?!
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    Which lab would I order from Private MD? I looked into it awhile ago and I'd have to drive like 3 hours to the clinic that supported that lab.
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    You can get the blood drawn at any Lab Corp. Go to and find one near you.
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    "Sorry, there are no results in this area." :(
    I'd be all for bloodwork if it was in a closer area to me...closest is 3 hours though which sucks.
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  6. No bloodwork :oops:What’s your planned diet gonna like like for this ?? Definitely a nice moderate dose of test as well. Should be able to make nice gains along side of proper nutrition and training.

    I’m running adex right now myself. Didn’t start it though until end of week 4. Normally myself personally don’t take any AI unless I start to see sides. Which I started holding on to water so started adex at .5 eod and that did the trick. Now I’ll finish out the cycle with that dose. Fucking up estrogen levels is def something I do my best to avoid and why I also wait to start taking my AI. I’m not extremely prone to symptoms but they do come from time to time.

    I’m assuming that’s tren Ace? And also your first time running it as well since you’ve posted previous cycles. Good starting dose and def start with ace to make sure you have tolerance to the compound because it’s not a matter of if it’s when the sides come. Even people who are experience with the compound don’t go a whole hell of a lot higher than 350. Some can and some can’t handle it. It effects everyone differently. But dose wise and duration I think are perfectly fine. Wouldn’t go past the 8 week mark your first time. You will absolutely yield solid results from it.

    Make sure you split your Anadrol dose throughout your day due to the half life and starting pct 4 weeks post last injection looks good. You could probably get away with a bit less clomid 50/25/25/25. Remember pct drugs are also very harsh on our bodies as well. Other than that I think it looks good. All in all it’s going to mainly come down to your diet and training when it comes to results. The compounds just compliment those two aspects.

    No hcg??
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    No bloodwork :( all the private clinics that do offer the testing are hours away...otherwise I'd be all for it. I was gonna wait to see some high water retention before I started my AI as you said @FourOneDeuxFitt tren Ace first time running it..excited yet nervous with all the pinning...Not afraid to pin just afraid of hitting something that I probably shouldn't :confused:
    I didn't want to run hcg along with this because I honestly think it would cause more issues than relieving anything...
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  8. Well bro you don’t absolutely HAVE to pin it everyday. Every other day is fine IMO. Yeah I mean of course your blood levels would be a bit more stable but I honestly don’t feel it’s detrimental to absolutely have to pin it every single day. If I can get away with less pins I’m going that route every single time. You should absolutely yield some great results from this cycle. Rotate pinning sites as well. Right now I pin MWF simply because I can get away with doing so. Yeah I could pin EOD if I wanted and have a bit more stable levels and that MAY attribute to slightly different outcome. But. Don’t absolutely NEED to. Right quad, right glute, left quad, left glute.. you can always look up other sites if needed but should be good to go rotating through them. You can always throw the HCG in at the end as part of your pct if you change your mind.
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    Macros today
    3,275 calories
    221g protein
    335g carbs
    115g fat - Need to lower this for sure...this is definitely higher day for me.

    Weighted pull-ups
    25lbs strapped 8 slow reps
    35lbs x 6 reps
    45lbs x 5 reps- last one was tough

    Hammer strength row
    115lbs each side - 8 reps..lowered weight cause I couldn't control it as smoothly..
    100lbs -11 reps
    105lbs- 8 reps

    DB bench press
    85lbs 8 reps super setted w/ cable rows 108lbs x 12
    85lbs 5 reps x 2^^^
    Swapped to machine chest press because I wasn't feeling it in my chest that well...
    Machine chest press-
    187lbs- 12 reps

    Dips (always feel like I'm using my shoulders/chest more than my triceps with these so I go quite a bit lighter and focus on staying upright to hit my tris)
    10lbs weighted- 10reps
    10lbs weighted- 10reps
    10lbs x 10^^^

    Seated DB military press
    55lbs x9
    55lbs x7 super setted w/standing DB press 25lbs x 10 reps
    55lbs x 6 ^^^ 25x7

    Cable curls w/Fat Gripz
    110lbs 10reps
    120lbs 7reps/SS/W/ 70lbs 7 reps
    120lbs 7 reps -spotted-

    Lying cable skullcrushers
    70lbs x 15 reps
    120lbs x 11 reps

    ABS-were still pretty sore-
    hammer str crunch machine 40lbs 12 reps
    40- 8 reps

    Hanging leg raise

    Need to work on my triceps/abs a lot more...Feel I'm lacking there.
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    @FourOneDeuxFitt Good advice man..appreciate it. I guess my reasoning for doing 50mg ED instead of 75mg or whatever EOD is because I've heard it helps a lot more with sides pinning ED opposed to EOD..Not sure about it though as I've never run tren...or Anadrol. I'm only a tad concerned about the tren though. You ever pin your delts? I'll probably end up doing the rotation site you mention but throwing delts in there as well.
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    If you fellas dont mind, I'm gonna sub in and follow your progress OP? New on the scene, and just trying to look over a few shoulders... Maybe learn some things...
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  12. Occasionally. But not too often. And honestly bro I’ve pinned tren eod and gotten sides and pinned it everyday and gotten them. I think it’s more dependent on the dose and your tolerance to the compound.
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    Warm up crotch machine 110lbs-12 x2

    Hack squat

    45 each side warm up-15

    2 45s-12

    3 45s-8

    Front squat...all taken—

    Smith machine narrow squat



    Leg extension

    90 super setted

    90x10. 60x11

    90x12 60-15

    Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts


    75x8 didn’t feel my hams at all...lowering weight


    Standing leg curl

    40lbs 15

    40lbs 12

    Leg press calf

    3 plates 10

    4 plates 10

    4 plates 10

    Seated calf

    30 each side-15


    Calories 3131

    252g protein

    325g carbs

    91g fat
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    Rest day
    3181 cals
    269g protein
    240g carbs
    120g fat- very high today :(
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    3441 calories
    289g protein
    340g carbs
    102g fat
    All my exercises are very slow and controlled..not worried about moving weight..more worried about progressive overload-combined with time under tension.

    After work workout-
    Pull up-15 warm up

    25lbs -10

    35lbs -8 super setted 3 non weighted

    35lbs-5 super setted 5 non weighted

    Hammer str row

    115 ea side-9

    100lbs-9 super set 2 45s

    100lbs-8 ^^^

    Cable row



    Pull over (across bench-noticed some neck strain during this )




    Shrugs smith machine...-very slow and controlled...was still super easy. Will up weight next time.



    Shoulder press




    Lat raise



    20-10 drop set 12 1/2-burn out

    Upright row

    30ea side-10 wasn’t lowering it slowly...lowered weight

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    hcg would be a must in my opinion and I would run tren weeks 5-12, that way you'll run test two weeks past the end of the tren. Otherwise it looks good. I would recommend some liver support too.
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    Thanks for the advice but I’m probably not going to run hcg at 21. Will wait until much later on. Liver support...I agree with you on that. Still have yet to start my cycle.
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    You're 21?!!?!?!

    Put the steroids down, eat well, train hard as fuck and do cardio. I see no reason you should be touching the stuff until around 30. Of course that is just my advice. Do whatever you'd like...the mental and physical side effects of usage at 21 is just not smart IMO. Good luck. Do you have starting pics and stats?
  19. luex

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    Lol I have posted it all before long ago. Not going over this whole steroids at 21 thing as I did that years ago when joining this board. I’m doing it and I’m trying to do it as smart as possible.
    Max weight I’ve gotten up to is sitting at 220lbs/ish and 8-10% bodyfat. Probably more around 10.
    Had some major events happen in my life and lost a lot of my hard work and gained some fat so I was probably 195lbs with 15% bf. cut down to 182lbs..this is my bulking back up log basically..I’m sitting at 187lbs rn 9 or 10% bf.
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    I was never good at following the rules either.. Im 46 so it is possible to live thru that stage! When you gonna start this cycle?
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