Lumbar Strength

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Barny, Apr 22, 2020.

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    Two papers identifying that isolated lumbar extensions are a better exercise to increase lumbar strength than; RDLs, deadlifts, back squats and barbell hip thrusters. May have to start using isolated lumbar extensions to keep the discs in place, never want to slip a disc ever again!!

    (PDF) A comparison of isolated lumbar extension strength in competitive and non-competitive powerlifters, and recreationally trained males

    (PDF) The effects of a 4-week mesocycle of barbell back squat or barbell hip thrust strength training upon isolated lumbar extension strength

    Hope you guys find them useful :)
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    Seriously, fuck squatting! I dropped freeweight squats altogether and my knees have never felt better, lower back never hurts anymore either. My legs are even larger from pressing and I look no smaller. Fuck squats, you don't need them
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    I'm with you on that, weirdly find it easier and more enjoyable to reverse lunge, managed to pack on a fair bit of size with those!!