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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by MuscleMick, May 30, 2018.

  1. MuscleMick

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    Hey everyone, excited to be a member after lurking for the past 2 years. First came to the site after starting TRT 2 years ago looking to be an educated patient. Became a member after completing my second blast looking for advice on my 3rd ;)

    I'm in my 40's and have been lifting consistently since 16. Multiple, significant orthopedic surgeries set me back over the years but I always worked through them and came back.

    Excited to come out of the shadows and be a member!

  2. Evom1

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  3. MuscleMick

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    Thanks, Evom!
  4. TRT

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    Welcome home to Meso! Now you need your hazing.
  5. MuscleMick

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    Lol, haze away!