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    I did my mid-cycle labs and I have what was said to be low Lymphocytes at 13% and low Lymph Absolute at 1000.0. Is there a need to be concerned about this? I did my pre-cycle test through my doctor and this wasn't included and I did my mid-cycle privately. Thoughts please?

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    I doubt it but need to see the
    full CBC including the differential.
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    Full panel

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    Remember just bc a value falls out of the labs reference range does NOT mean the result is abnormal, often bc the assay itself and the labs technology can
    make a considerable difference in the values obtained.

    So providing you feel fine a ALC
    of 1000 is more likely to be “normal” since mild lymphopenia is defined as an ALC of LESS than 1000 IF obtained manually.

    (Some labs use different reference values depending upon the technology used to obtain an AUTOMATED COUNT)

    That being said I would suggest a repeat CBC in 3-6 months to better define your baseline esp if you have any risk factors for HIV.