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Matt shot me this to post up on the forum as an explanation to his health abnormalities. It makes his story complete.


Those men in here with weight loss related hormone challenges must read this and get over any mental boundaries pertaining to body image. As with myself, I am not a wrestler, I was simply over ambitious in my weight loss ventures.


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I have used them all patients will high success rate
trace mienrals from liquidmins blue bottle - has lithium in that has helped me more than any other mood stabilizer naturally I have tried.


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This study only points to what we already know and that is body fat and Test are closely linked when talking extreme's. It does not though say anything at all about caloric intake only talking about someone being under-nourished which is a big door left open to much interpretation!It said nothing about how often one needs to eat, how many meals a day or what caloric point based on body weight is ideal!!!! You can not read more into this study then what is their!

Also since this is a site primarily for people using anabolic steroids most research is going to be less then valid. For instance taking steroids and or GH dureing extreme dieting can allow one to preserve most of their muscle mass inspite of the low caloric intake so long as their are some macro nutrients to work with! You obviously need some protein to work with!

Did you know that gene expression is more highly turned on when near or in a state of starvation. Hormones what are left that is have any where from 10X to 1000X more effect on gene transcription under these conditions.

Whats more epi-genome activity is altered in such a way that you can actively affect the genes based on to your children based on your food intake as a child. This was on Discovery some time ago. A huge study was done in Europe.....I think they used some obscure small town in Sweden that was a farming town with insanely accurate birth,death and marriage records as well as insanely accurate meteorological and crop production number's.....They where able to track and correlate Mother's and Fathers food intake as children to how great of a prevalence for diabetes and other disease like heart disease they passed on to their off spring......It was a fascinating show to watch.

Guess what they found??? It was benifical for male children to have a minimum caloric diet as in just enough food not a lot of excess between ages of 6-11 I think it was because it improved the genes he passed on to his offspring in terms of health and well being....Onthe otherhand women had just the opposite effect when slightly under feed they passed on the worst possible gene combo's to their children increases their chances of diabetes and heart disease. WOmen pregnant at the time of famines like wise had the least healthy offsprings and their offspring passed on less then ideal genes.....

Most of the genetic data in a persons body is not active. Epi-Genome science deals with the switch's if you will that tell various genes to turn on or turn off. Exercise,Food Intake, Chemical Exposer ie estrogenic like pesticides and such all wreck havic with these switch's! It is pretty new stuff but they have linked some estrogenic compounds to epi-genome changes in lab rats that caused disease and these are compounds used on our food supply that where thought to be safe because they where not toxic! They know think the rise in obesity,asthma,diabetes in our youth is due to the chemicals and high carb diets their parents and their parents parents where exposed to.....It does not change your DNA just which portion are turned on or off!

If you stop and think about it........BodyBuilders doing insane amounts of drugs and dieting to what is for their body's starvation levels not only produces the hard vascular look some like but when they come off season even if they backoff the dosage of their steroids they always grow like mad........When they return to a normal eating and workout patern........The longer they are at those levels of near for them starvation and hard work outs the greater the rebound........It is goes well beyond what most would say is at play.......Most of them go to lower then normal levels of anabolic to let their livers kind of recover and they all almost stop doing cardio after their big show and most of them even indulge in some less then ideal eating patterns so they should not be gaining insane amounts of muscle after their high drug and work load at low caloric levels based on conventional wisdom! Do see where I am going with this?????? The opposite of the normal eat 9 meals a day and 6000+ calories a day plan can be used to create a powerful anabolic state if used properly and sparingly. THink outside the box!