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    Hello Gents,

    This handle will be my (@Mac11wildcat) alternate for all things to follow here. I spent a good while contemplating whether or not I would take this plunge, either on or off Meso. I’ve decided to offer up my services to this community on a limited basis for top-to-bottom training. I will not be taking clients outside of Meso primarily because I believe this group has a higher percentage of those willing to do what it takes to make progress than fielding clients publicly would see.

    I have done my best to insert any knowledge I have gained over my years into any thread that it can help, but I know that sometimes connecting dots is harder than it appears and I know I did not get to where i am without the help of others. I’m posting this with the intent of helping a few driven and motivated members to achieve what it is they’re looking for out of their physiques without the guesswork.

    If my services are of need I intend to keep the client list short both for my sanity and for the integrity and personal nature of the service I am providing.

    Any client here should expect at a minimum a weekly check-in (and adjustment as needed), frequent and unlimited ability to ask questions and discuss progress, privacy as desired, and personal attention to YOUR goals and YOUR results without even a shred of concern to whether or not the plan is truly tailored to YOU.

    I expect an honest effort and adherence to the plan, clear communication of all aspects of health and well-being, and respect of my personal handle as I have organized this into a dedicated account to keep things separate.

    As I get started, I will open up 3 spots on a first-come first serve basis and assess from there when I can continue to add more. I am open to any level of involvement in your process, with the packages below as guidelines. For the meantime, I would prefer to NOT handle show preps for competitors. I have my reasons for doing so but if anyone feels otherwise we can talk.

    Monthly Options
    No Guessing- $175/month - Complete and total coverage of diet/macros/food choices and timing, training split/daily workouts (and help addressing weak spots), supplementation, and cycle planning help if needed

    Framework- $110/month - Custom macro calculations, training split and general training scheme, supplementation, and cycle planning help if needed

    One Time Options
    Training Plan- 4 weeks, based on your current goal - $100
    Diet - based on your current goal - $100

    As a member of this community, I do want to ensure that the net effect here is positive for Meso’s interest and that I am not the only benefactor. For that reason, 5% of every single purchase with me by Meso Members will be distributed to each of:
    -Anabolic Lab
    -ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer

    The first is self-explanatory. The second is a cause near and dear to me, and I would be thrilled to have my work benefit them; an organization advocating a condition all men should be concerned with, ESPECIALLY AAS users.

    I would prefer minimum of three months purchased at a time to avoid the issue of recurring payment AND make sure a client gets enough time for our work to make noticeable changes, BUT I will waive that for the meantime to get things rolling and provide a discount for multiple months based on your specific needs.

    Please direct all inquiries to DM

    This account and this email will be used for ONLY client related activities and was made specifically so that I can maintain simultaneous access to both my own personal and this training inbox. We can progress to any form of communication seen fit thereafter.

    Let’s get to work.
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    paypal or bitcoin only? very interested in the diet plan
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    BTC for now. Not sure of the implications of mixing PayPal and anything to do with Meso.
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    Never take Paypal. someone connects paypal to this account this account to that account that account to creatine. Take the BTC conversion loss and stay safe.

    Also, PM inbound.
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    This is a great idea and def something I’m interested in will talk in the future
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    If you’ve sent an email it has been responded to! Thrilled with the level of interest right off the bat. Had a rough night so today’s a slow start. But I’ll get everyone on track by tonight at the latest to begin whenever they’re ready.

    Fucking badass guys. Let’s get it.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Maybe post up some info on your knowledge and BB experience for those who may not know you very well.

    Not sure if you’d wanna post up pics to show you actually know what your doing?

    Good luck. Can’t wait to hear from clients.
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    I considered doing that in the intro, but shit, it was already a novel.

    But very good point. Going to throw together a mini-bio for this thread. Thanks @HIGHRISK.
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    Yeah bro I think it will be good.
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    You just want to see pics of his body, sicko
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    I guess was right, every BB does g4p :rolleyes:
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    Interested in partaking in your service subbed
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    For those who do not know me (which is hard to fathom, I’ve whore-posted HARD on my personal handle since I’ve been here) for the last 10yrs, around being a husband, father, homeowner, business owner, and student, I have dedicated my spare time to bodybuilding. The last two years, it became a primary focus and a serious goal.

    I’ve experimented with dozens of training programs, several dieting philosophies, and just about every bit of AAS under the sun at some point.

    You will not find any ISSA certifications or a bachelors in exercise and nutrition because I’m an engineer by trade. You will find what 10yrs of progression has taught me to get from ~110lbs as a track and soccer athlete at 18 to a peak of 220 at 5’6” just some months ago at 28 chasing an IFBB pro card. I’ve been round in the offseason and down to 3-4% bodyfat for shows. Ive spent every waking hour dedicated to this at some points and managed to maintain or make slow progress even when that wasn’t possible.
    In between helping family and friends, I’ve taken one female to her pro-card in the WBFF on her first try; my one and only foray into show prep.
    My approach, as you’ve seen in my thread if you’ve visited, is always based on minimum effective dose and doing this thing without sacrificing your health.

    My training philosophy is somewhere between strict progressive overload and high volume. My diet and supplementation concept is based on balanced macro and micro consumption while finding foods that agree with you. My drug protocols are mild to moderate and always based on a marathon approach for the goal at hand.

    I don’t believe that any of this stuff is black and white, and I’m here to find any shade of grey necessary to keep you progressing toward whatever goal you’ve got in mind.

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    Killer transformation shots. Just saw this.

    Service that Meso really needs. I see so much focus on PEDs here but I read a lot of threads to where I'm 99% certain there's a massive disconnect on the training and diet side. Example being all the 6' 180 pounders at 15% BF on their 5th cycle running 1.5 grams and 3-4 compounds or the 22 year olds who want to blast and cruise forever as they can't figure out how to progress without constant drugs. It's the work or plan in the gym and kitchen that's killing their results as opposed to finding the next "optimal cycle".

    Good luck!
  16. MacBuilt

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    Nailed it. There’s no reason to not get the most out of as little gear as possible. It’s just a matter of knowledge and diligent application. I’m here to provide half of that formula.
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    Glad to see you doing this
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    And I’m happy to see support from some of Meso’s established members. Thanks for the support!
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    Do you charge if I just want to send you nude pics of myself...?

    Or can we continue business as usual on that front?

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    I was very clear about keeping business and pleasure separate...