Magnus busted

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    They were huge! If I’m not wrong, Magnus company produced also the brand Swiss remedies... true?
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    Yes. But they are not down, still working.
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    Police officers from CBŚP detained two people suspected of producing, smuggling and marketing steroids. Two production lines were secured, including machines for the production of steroids, as well as raw materials from which you can produce about 2.5 million tablets containing anabolic substances. 150,000 ready tablets were also secured. The investigation is supervised by the Silesian department of the National Public Prosecutor's Office.
    Police officers in Katowice in the Central Police Bureau of Investigation under the supervision of the Silesian Branch Department of the Department of Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Katowice are investigating illegal production and trade of anabolic agents.

    In mid-July 2018, at the direction of the prosecutor, officers of the Management Board in Katowice Central Investigation Office in the Mazowieckie and Wielkopolskie Provinces detained two suspects - Dariusz S. aged 42 and Dawid J. 37. In the basement of the house occupied by one of the suspects, an illegal label was revealed steroids. Two professional production lines were secured, equipped with specialist equipment, including a mixer, a tablet press, a welding machine and a packing machine. Also 150,000 tablets and tens of thousands of ampoules containing anabolic agents as well as raw materials for their production were also protected. According to preliminary estimates, the amount of protected steroid substrates would allow about 2.5 million pieces of tablets and ampoules containing steroids to be made.

    Police officers from CBŚP also secured a dozen mobile phones and computers. Future fines and fines have been secured with money in the amount of PLN 60,000 and two cars with an estimated value of about PLN 235,000. An international courier parcel with hidden money in the amount of EUR 31,000 was also secured, which was to be the settlement for the purchase of steroids.

    Firemen from the Specialist Chemical and Environmental Rescue Group of the JRG No. 6 in Poznań took part in the activities, who, together with the CBŚP policemen, secured the area of activities and disclosed substances.

    The detainee Dariusz S. was charged with attempts to smuggle and place anabolic agents on the market. On the other hand, Dawid J. heard allegations concerning the production and marketing of these funds. According to preliminary estimates, men could jointly market steroids for over PLN 1 million.

    The production of protected substances of a medical nature was carried out without the permission granted, as well as without observing any health and safety rules. Dawid J. with his behavior could bring danger to the life or health of many people, through the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals that do not meet the required quality conditions. Thanks to the activities of the Central Investigation Officers, it was possible to prevent possible dangers for people that could occur if these substances hit the market.

    The detainees were previously noted by the Police, inter alia, for participation in an organized criminal group and beatings.

    For such crimes, suspects are punished by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment of up to 8. At the request of the prosecutor, the court temporarily arrested the suspect David J. for a period of three months, and Dariusz S. used libertarian measures.

    The matter is developing. Police officers of the Central Investigation Bureau do not exclude further detentions.

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  6. Crazy set up
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    Looking the video , it seems that the laboratory is very clean. certainly the cleanest of the other laboratories seized as primus, baltic, wild cat and others ... also seems to be the most equipped. I've never tried these 2 product lines, but I think they were good, more than I imagined.
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    What country is it?
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