Maize flour issue

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  1. maccattack007

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    Hey has anyone used maize flour in their mass protein shakes as the main carbohydrate source and had it cause them stomach pains. I have just started a new mass gain cycle after years off and im basically having 200gram steak 150grams rice and 30 grams coconut oil 3 times a day and 3 times 30grams. And 3 protien shakes of whey concentrate 30 grams egg white power 30grams 100grams maize flour (corn flour) and 30grams coconut oil. I have always used this approach as it works for me with bulking there are other stuff to like veggies etc but this is the main bulking foods. Anyway i am using the corn flour for the first time and it was working well easy to smash down but after about week four i started getting pains around my guts. Just wondering if anyone else has had it and similar gut pains
  2. Oldschool

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    You using more corn flour than a corn tortilla factory on the rio grande river. 300 grams a day?
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    This sounds awful.
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    I think its your body actually asking for more of the flour. Seems like a no brainer from where I sit. Double down on it for the win
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    300 grams is for newbs. Corn Kilos are for pros.
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    No need to make things complicated, when I want more carbs in my shakes I just put some good ol oatmeal in my bullet, and grind that shit down to a powder toss it in my shake. Boom carbs plus fiber added to my shake, zero tummy issues.
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    I use Nutrabolics weight gainer 2.0 and it uses maize as the main carb. I've experienced no stomach issues from it. But corn in general is high on the potential allergen list....