Major lower back and calves "pump" problem

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by StrengthReaper, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. StrengthReaper

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    I am aware that the lower back and calves "pump"are due to high red blood cells making your blood more viscous and thicker. The only time this seems to happen to me is when I get to the 4th week of orals. I only like to run tbol, as it gives me nice lean and full look. Lately I been considering just stop using orals entirely for the liver to be preserved, but that doesn't mean the whatever compound I am injecting isn't elevating the blood pressure as well. I was wondering what you guys do when taking care of yourselves on cycle in a similar situation? I think it's silly when I watch guys wear a weightlifting belt throughout every moment of their workout cause their lower back hurts so much. It's not something I enjoy to do, so kudos to them.-Hate wearing my belt squatting as it is. I am aware of the whole blood work and drawing blood for disposal every 2-3 months, but I am looking in terms of other methods people do to protect themselves. I was kind of expecting a sticky on this topic, but I couldn't see one. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, the search box acts a little funky.
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  2. Notits

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    Im not sure where you got the red blood cells info but it's bullshit. Take taurine and drink water.
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    What are you taking right now?
  4. Rosconow

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    I have been led to believe that sometimes pumps can be attributed to lactic acid build up from anaerobic activities such as lifting. But i can always stand to be corrected.

    As far as orals are concerned, dont think i can do them anymore. My liver and spleen swell up. No shit.
  5. Savagesteve

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    Painful pumps can be contributed to running orals period...don’t like it, don’t run orals. I love var and hate painful back and leg pumps but it’s part of the game. Don’t take it on leg and back days....
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  6. MindlessWork

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    Thanks for the tip, as I plan to run some dbol on my next cycle.
  7. Savagesteve

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    Fuck dbol. I know some guys love it but I hated the aromatiziation and water weight.
  8. MindlessWork

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    I know what you mean, got some to try at a low enough dose to get some benefits with less of the sides.
  9. Have you cycled again since your first run, MW?

    Dbol is my favorite, period. It's like magic pills for me. The only side effect I get is a voracious appetite.
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  10. MindlessWork

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    Yes had done my 2nd one over last winter and my avi is from near the end. Planning a 3rd one now. As I never ran dbol before, might give it a spin to see how I react to it.
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  11. I think you'll be surprised at how quickly it starts working. I can usually feel it within 5 days. Getting a forearm pump from brushing your teeth is an interesting experience, to say the least.

    I thought you looked bigger. Good job!
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  12. MindlessWork

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    Well then I know it's working. Plan to run 20mg to start for the first week and shooting for 50mg by the 4th week if no major issues develop.
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  13. MindlessWork

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    I am only 5'8 and sitting at 195 in that pic. Mainly went for strength rather than size and I've kept a fair bit of strength for last 8 months.

    This 3rd one should be the charm :)
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  14. I tend to stay around 30 - 40 mgs/day, usually divided into two doses.

    It's funny how people respond so differently to these things. I feel the same way on test. And TBH, it really doesn't do much for me. I don't get the big strength gains and full feeling that everyone else raves about, just an increase in body hair and a lot of bloating.
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  15. PaulW29

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    Just ran Anadrol for the first time.
    It lasted about 8 days...
    I needed to try it before swearing off Sd, Drol, and Dbol.
    All the worst shit happened.
    1. Loss of appetite (even with Test n tren)
    2. Back pumps that were horrible.
    3. Lazy, felt like an old man that could nap at any moment. (Even with NAC, Tudca, Milk Thistle)

    Just not worth it imo.

    Only thing left on the list is Anavar. I'll buy raws and cap it myself eventually to try it.

    Any other oral just isn't worth it. I really wonder how run down guys feel after using Halo or MTren for 2-3 weeks...
  16. StrengthReaper

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    I use to drink 2 gallons a day when this happened to me so I looked into it. Apparently there is a relation to all the weight put on and blood pressure. This wasn't no research article so it's all bro-science. So there definitely may be plenty speculation. Taurine and Arginine are my essentials. It only really bothered me when I would try to go hiking and my calves would scream haha.
  17. StrengthReaper

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    Right now not cycling. When it happened I was on tbol, mast and EQ.
  18. StrengthReaper

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    I come to accept orals are pointless unless you are going to be competing. The worst time I get those cramping pumps were in my calves when hiking, I was able to deadlift and squat.
  19. StrengthReaper

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    Was more of a nuisance outside of the gym for me. I was able to suck it up without walking around belted everywhere. I am just more curious for the sake of understanding why my body was screaming at me.
  20. StrengthReaper

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    I always been a fan of strength over size too. I am 5'8 185, double bodyweight bench, and working towards a triple bodyweight deadlift. I substituted tbol for dbol because dbol really made me blow up size-wise, only to lose a lot of it when I get off. Tbol was that perfect mixture of clean strength and endurance with less sides and no walking around with a circle head.
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