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    Did anyone else here about this gel they have in clinical trials? Apparently it has testosterone and progesterone and is supposed to make you shoot blanks. I was curious the long term effects on hpta recovery, I'm assuming the gel would shut down your natural test production. Seems like a slippery slope
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    I dunno but I had 2 kids on a heavy tren cycle along with about 3 other compunds at the time of both conceptions
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    Tren babies! :eek:
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    breeding tren gods over here
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    Same here lol, juiced to the gills when my wife got pregnant.

    Also, fuck being the first group of guys taking this...
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  6. I saw this shit on facebook today. Apparently it works by lowering your test levels which somehow affects your lh production and kills your sperm production. Its basically turning you into a damn woman so you dont get yours pregnant lol. FUCK THAT ill stick to gear Ive been shooting blanks ever since ive been on.
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    Think you are right to wonder about hpta recovery - this is just T and Progesterone. It isn't new, just being in gel form and the promise of "reversible contraceptive for men".

    This will have the same side effects but as a patent med you can pay a lot more for it. Rubba dub dub, lets keep the pharmaceutical execs richer than ever - why pin for pennies?

    WHO started 3 decades ago with just using 200mg/wk TE. Claims for this alone are "an effective contraceptive for 98.6 percent of the participants". Testosterone Injections Work as Contraceptive

    Later they added progesterone. See Table 1 Male Hormonal Contraception: Where Are We Now?