Managing blood glucose levels

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    What’s up guys. I recently switched sources for GH and my FBG has increased significantly. What was previously in the high 80’s to mid 90’s is now in the low 100’s. Current dosage is 5iu’s. Obviously I could drop my dose and take it from there. I also am using 10iu’s of lantus on my high days. How do you guys manage your blood glucose? I know some are advocates of the 5on/2off method.
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    Are you taking one dose of 5 iu's?

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    Yes, 5iu’s right before bed
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    I would go ahead and start splitting your dose. I would actually do 2.5 iu's twice a day. Morning and again pre-workout or before bed. I would actually advocate 2 iu's split.

    This should lower your BG.

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    thanks I will give that a shot
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    Great. Please let us know how it goes.

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    I use Metformin at 500mg twice daily, and it keeps my fasted BG around 70. I use 4 of Serostim every day, split 2iu am 2iu before bed or pre workout. Sometimes I will take 3iu am and 3iu pm.
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    It's a great tool to have and use if needed. I would rather see someone not toss more drugs into the mix if all possible. If he can lower it by splitting doses metformin is not necessary.

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    What kind of carbs are youainly eating? I found switching from rice to sweet potatoes has helped a bit with my bg.
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    I totally agree.
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    Oats, jasmine rice, cream of rice. I like sources that are easy to digest
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    Anybody a fan of glipizide these days? No?
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    switching from grains to tubers (american or japanese sweet potatoes, taro/eddoe, cocoyams, yams), or from jasmin/sushi rice to basmati rice (lower GL) or from white rices to red or black rice (which are actually nutritious compared to the nutrient-devoid whites), or wild rice (not really a grain but made from grasses, really expensive outside of NA/Canada unfortunately) will all help.

    method of preparation / cooking time & heat will also modulate the impact of all these foods on your blood sugar - sweet potatoes can have a GL of 60-90+ depending on boiling vs baking them to caramelization for example.
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    Berberine can also work to control BG. 500 mg/3x per day is said to be as efficacious as Metformin
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    Thank you! I’ll check those out
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    I split mine 1.5 & 1.5 and 5/2 protocol
    It helped Me
  20. rfan2020

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    interesting that you were fine on one gh, then not so on another. are you sure the first was legit? can you say what brands (the previous and current)?