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    Runner who suffocated mountain lion with his foot describes the attack

    So a discussion happened a few years ago about what animals a human can choke out bare handed. This dude has a mountain lion on his list. Not too shabby. I think adding a confirmed kill like this to the list expands our previously believed limit on what a human can handle. What do you all think you could handle?
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    It was a cub though, about as big as a bobcat.

    And don't get me wrong, an adult bobcat will fuck you up. But a scared Mountain Lion cub will just go into fight or flight mode and lash out.

    Sucks that the guy got bit up, but it was probably a direct result of him trying to scare the cat away. :/

    Animals can be pretty damn cool with people if you don't just assume they're out to get you.
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    My initial response to this is GTFOH, though I have seen videos of some dude that had a rattlesnake come up on him.

    Bottom line is, they are wild and they do attack, but in general they are *supposedly* more afraid of us than we are of them.
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    I've worked with big cats, wolves, etc.

    Hell, my dogs are both hybrids. One a Darwin Grey / Newfie and the other a Dingo / Kelpie.

    My best buddy at the office is a raccoon that dives our dumpster. I smoke a cig and share a pack of peanutbutter crackers with him every night.

    I catch deer on the trails all summer. If I can find it I'll throw up a snap I took of a doe from two years back. First time I ran into her, took it from five feet away.

    Followed her everyday the whole season. She'd come out at the same place every night, hang for a few, then walk the trail with me in the brush. Come fall two little fawns popped out with her one night.

    Walked the actual trail with me, all three of them. Fucking amazing.

    Animals are way more chill than people. Just have to accept that most can fuck you up and be at peace with it. Figure that's what's always worked for me anyway.
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    Think you have a gift bro
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    I dunno.

    Think maybe it's just that I gave up on people a long ass time ago. animal might take you out. But they'll probably eat you after, and it totally wasn't just because they're a dick.

    Most people I know...if they killed you, they'd just try to dispose of the body. Probably over some petty shit too. Like I fucked the wife, or ate the last piece of bacon. I dunno.

    People blow. :/
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    I'd murder a baby if it ate my last slice of bacon. Not ashamed
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    Well a baby, sure.

    Ever spent a day with one? Screaming, shutting, wanting food and affection all the time.

    Such selfish little shots.
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    Yeah, the animal would make good use of your death at least.
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    That was an epic discussion. Definitely worthy to revisit.

    kittens > babies
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    Did a hike alone couple years back. We have a lot of black bear and cougar, so need be vigilant. Anyways the trail was getting less and less obvious and grown in but I kept going, It opened up into a small clearing. Right in front of me maybe 40 feet was momma black bear and two cubs, I about shit my pants thinking this is how it’s going to end. All I had with me was a walking stick and a small pocket knife. She huffed at me a couple times and I slowly backed away the way I came never taking my eyes off the area they were in, small knife in my hand ready to go if I had too.

    She never attacked, just let me know to fuck off, and I did. Now if I hike alone the knife I carry is a lot bigger, and carry bear spray as well.

    A bear generally will attack from the front, giving a chance for fight or flight. A cougar will attack from behind, so not much of a chance other than be aware, listen, and look behind you once in a while. They also say at least where I live and the amount of cougar here, for every one you see there was 20 that you didn’t see but seen you.
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    I've always though the psychology of animal attacks potential animal attacks was cool. Like with how some sharks are ambush killers and to never take your eyes off them cause as soon as you do the fuckers start creeping in on you
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    In Africa the locals wear a type of “hat” that has eyes on it and wear it backwards. It keeps the lions and other predators from
    Stalking/Attacking from behind.

    You might consider using this tactic.
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    Fuck that.
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    Agreed, I do put my sunglasses on the back of my head lol
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