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    biceps72 Member

    generic viagra from ALL DAY CHEMIST-- talked abouy in the AD/C thread as well

    seems to vary batch to batch. I bought a bunch about 2 months ago and tried 50 mg and it simply did not work. I contacted ADC, they sent me free generic cialis, generic levitra AND more MANLY.

    I tried 50 mg once and 100 mg several days later---- did not work[|)] :(:(:( My advice is to not purchase this product until thet improve quality control.

    ADC is a good place to purchase a lot of things--they have mostly good products but MANLY IS NOT A GOOD PRODUCT. Their generic levitra is excellent;: haven't tried their generic cialis yet.
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    TheOldFart Member

    I found the same thing with my order of Manly. I finally tried 100 mg and it seemed to work about the same as 25 mg of viagra. Some guys on a prostate cancer board use it and some say that the quality varies lot to lot. Some are as good as Viagra and some are not. I do have to say that the Silagra and Caverta from ADC are at least as good as Viagra.
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    InvestmentBanker Junior Member

    The Manly sucks as does all the poducts by Cooper (In my opinion). That includes the generic cialis and Levitra they make. I tried them all. Manly by far the worse. Doubling up on the generic Cialis and Levitra is somewhat effective. However, the Silagra and Tadacip are excellent! Silagra very comparable to namebrand viagra....Tadacip very comparable to namebrand Cialis.


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