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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Mars, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Confirming the member’s connection to Energy Control.
  3. Post has been up for 4 minutes and @janoshik hasn't run in here crying fraud and scammer yet. He must be napping.

    Wait for it. Won't take long.

    Welcome to Meso.
  4. Mars

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    Appreciate the welcome, at least we have something to look forward to. :p
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    Hopefully, @mercury chimes in soon. Would love to see two guys named @Mars and @mercury debating over analytical testing on Meso. Ahhh, fuck it @master.on get in here as well...
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  6. Where has that robot bitch @master.on been?
    He was sweating The Analyzer's bones then mysteriously disappeared right before the shit hit the fan. o_O
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    Took you long enough! I've been waiting for folks to notice.
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    I got to take a look around out the loop on this one...:oops:
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    No now yet another testing service coming out of the woodwork? This will be interesting to watch.
  10. Mars

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    We're "new" but have operated for months on SST (during when it was on Reddit and after as well). We're definitely happy to prove our worth to those who send off samples. :)
  11. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

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    Attention meso members energy control went mia with several people that I have talked with money.
    So yall think you will just rebrand and roll up here?
    Wrong how about you cock suckers pay the people who you owe?
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    @Mars @EnergyControl

    Your response to this accusation, please?
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    If anyone didn’t receive results they are welcome to email us about it, to our knowledge every substance we received we made sure was tested, but we dropped two members and reorganized massively because of inconsistencies in our communications team and them essentially just being bad people for the operation. It loses us a bit of speed but in the end it’s not even a debate about keeping them. If they genuinely didn’t receive results we’ll happily test whatever they’d like and work towards that, but please message our new email as that’s all that we have access to.
  14. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

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    If you tested then why wasn't the results given or an excuse or a fuck you.
    Something just isn't right with you guys you obviously had access to your meso account but went mia without a peep till now.
    And if you don't have access to your original email then who does?
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  15. janoshik

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    Au contraire, we believe this testing service might be perfectly suited for you and we hope you will enjoy using them.

    @PurplePandaLabs Rep.
    Energy Control Fraud and a lot more complained in the SST Discord.
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    Connection with fraud company Energy control. Confirmed by Energy Control in same thread.

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    Either way, have some class and stay in your thread. You had been tagged, doesn't mean you have to comment. Try being a stand up source for a change
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  18. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

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    If you tested every sample then send out the results or an explanation as to why you have not.
    And it shouldn't be up to your customers to fix what you have screwed up.
    Since yall can't post pictures of your equipment how about some of the chemical or accessories associated with it.
    I'm not sure you even have the ability or equipment.

    I apologize to members for posting outside of my thread but I cannot in good faith let anyone else get burnt.
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    You're good in my book brochachos.
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    OK by me. You're posting to help guys out and promoting honest testing