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    Has anybody had his gear from the Dark Net Markets. Im running his Test -e Deca and dbol right now im 2.5 weeks in. I think the dbol might be a little under dosed im running 60mg ed and ive noticed my strength go up a bit and ive gained about 8 pounds in the 2.5 weeks but im not getting the pumps that ive always loved from dbol its a bummer. What is your experience?
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    Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about this. Is this your first time running marvel dbol?

    send me an email and we can figure something out to make sure you're happy and enjoying Marvel products.

    I apologize for not seeing this until now.
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    I placed a order with them last week, I didn't order any dbol because it was liquid, the reviews on the dark are really good.
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    Hey actually the past few days ive been getting crazy pumps.. painful haha its pretty sweet. but i appreciate the offer but ive spoke with the vendor and im keeping him updated. It took 2.5 weeks to have the desired effects in which is weird but its for sure working now. kinda sucks that i only have a weeks worth left now that its finally working.

    /e and the past couple days ive noticed my balls have shrunk a bit haha so thats a good sign that the test is real. im running it at about 650 a week and deca about 400. i started taking .5 adex e3d to control the back/shoulder zits and the shrinkage of my nuts and the bloat.
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    Awesome, Marvel is a great guy, you're in good hands. Keep me up to date with how you're liking our products, glad to help in anyway I can.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Marvel is time and tested, you've spent your money very well.