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Hi, I recently procured some new Mast, since my local chemist is out of country for a minute. It is by "STACK Pharmaceutical". The bottles are plastic, but are made by Nalgene, they are PETG and are supposedly cool to hold oleates and Benzyl Benzoate etc (also labels are shrink wrapped to bottles.. weird). I know certain communities frown on plastic containers (I've never even seen plastic bottles until this week). Did my first pin today, had me a little taste test after pin(tip of tounge) and noticed no real solvent snappiness, mostly a clean oil taste. Since I've never tried Drostanolone or this brand, I am wondering if there are any pointers to the usual taste of Mast. Also wondering if any of you have ever heard of, or tried STACK products before. Check out the pics and unleash your thoughts guys.



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And I apologize in advance for this being my second post, but I have been lurking and getting great info from Mes for a couple yrs. I did a quick "hello" in new members area. Thanks agai
Novel idea, as long as the oil is sterile and the plastic won't break down from exposure to solvents, what the hell, why not?

Back in the day, when (the original) IP was around, he sent me oil in some pretty questionable bottles. Of course, i didn't know any better at the time and thankfully i had no problems with his gear.

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