Mast or Tren???!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by MythotiK, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

    Ok, I want honest answers on the pros and cons of both...

    Which would you run and why??

  2. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Depends on the sides you get. I can gain 30 lbs on tren... 10 won't even happen on mast. Mast makes my dick hard, makes me look leaner. Tren makes my strength go up, accelerates weight gain, changes muscle structure , increase vascularity. It also makes me feel like I am going to die.

    Not really comparable. Tren stands alone and mast is an add on
  3. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

    Pretty much all I need to know, thank you sir :)

    Everyone else, you don't need to reply to this ;)
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  4. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

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  5. Jeep187

    Jeep187 Member

    I'm adding tren to my next cycle. I hope I can get past the sides for 10 weeks. Really looking forward to it
  6. tren. Cattle steroids are the best kind man.
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  7. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    tren beats mast for everything. It's just not as user friendly.
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  8. Triton_

    Triton_ Member

    I've had 0 sides from tren other than aggression and some minor sweating, started out at a low dose and increased each week current at 450-500 mgs a week and I'm fighting to keep weight on and my strength/endurance has increased. Running it with trestolone and test also though
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  9. Triton_

    Triton_ Member

    And constantly wanting to fuck (if that counts as a side)?
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  10. WhiteL743

    WhiteL743 Member

    Haha yup my gf definitely know's when im on tren.
  11. WhiteL743

    WhiteL743 Member

    I love tren but hate that it ruines my appitite. Im fighting trew every meal.
  12. growing55

    growing55 Junior Member

    If you added in some EQ this will push you hunger up would you deal with the red blood count also going up to much? you donate, DIY maybe? I'm on week seven with tren e and my eating in the first 4 weeks was great but is really dropping off. As you said fighting every meal. I don't want to drop it as the gains have never been better but to keep going we need to eat....
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  13. WhiteL743

    WhiteL743 Member

    I just force feed. Do what i have to do, there's days i even hade to blend my food so i could digest better and not feel so full.
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  14. Juced

    Juced Member

    I like maste over tren. i dont get much tren sides but its still not worth it to me.
    maste teste is a nice cycle : )
  15. growing55

    growing55 Junior Member

    maybe I try this one next juced.. I guess the mast will also cut you up quite well
  16. tubesox

    tubesox Member

    Two completely different animals. Why not both?
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  17. CeymoreButtz

    CeymoreButtz Member Supporter

    Yes, These two compounds stack together very well. I always use them together. Especially when at lower bf to start.
  18. Almaga1979

    Almaga1979 Member

    Get your hands on some rip blend and it has all three :). tren reminds me of trying to have sex with a beautiful hooker without a condom lol jk.
  19. Juced

    Juced Member

    eventhough "cut " is mostly diet, yes maste and teste is great combo for cutting. even low test (hrt type dose) with 400-600mg maste ew is very nice. i generally avoid orals now but having 6wks of var in there with it is pretty nice also, did it yrs ago.
  20. Hanibal

    Hanibal Member

    Both. I've found while using both I get best results doing 8 weeks tren and bring in in mast about week 5. Tren makes me fn jacked when eating clean and doin cardio. I like being on just mast after comin off tren I feel it tightens everything tren did nicely and then some. I've actually never dne just tren. It's always been with mast. This time also on eq to help with cardio