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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by youngBuilder, Jul 30, 2013.

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    youngBuilder Member

    I will be trying Test Prop and mast prop next.

    I know mass gains are mild with masteron, but I was wondering if it would provide synergistic, or at least a noticeable difference to strength gains on a test cycle.

    For those that have used it, what have you experienced?
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    Demondosage Member

    masteron does jack shit for my strength, it just hardens me out when I'm at that last single digit bodyfat, I wouldnt even fuck with it if I wasn't 7-8% bf or lower
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    youngBuilder Member

    I'm 10% at the moment. So maybe ill hold on to it until I'm ready then.

    Strength is just as important as size to me, so I figured since it was a DHT derivative, it would help on top of test.
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    Demondosage Member

    it just doesnt do much for strength for me, but once you start using it when your lean you seem to just hold that condition for a long time if your using masteron. And its easier to hold, but yes be very low when you start it
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    Pericles Member

    Mast does increase recepter availability for test, but yes, will not give you much strength. Great cutter, however.
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    I'm experimenting with Mast now as a "tren-light" so to speak. I'm actually really happy with it, but, the reality is that nothing compares to some good ol' T/A. Bud Light still gets ya' drunk, but mast is nothing like tren. I run a business which essentially means I spend my days worrying about money, and playing nice with customers that I really want to tell to F&*K off half the time. Not a good mix for Tren. It gives me quite the chip on the shoulder.

    I'm getting good strength gains, but I know it is the test I am on, as it is nothing like the insanely fast rate of strength gains you see on tren. The mast is doing nothing strength wise IMO.

    I'm around 12% BF at the moment, but I'm definitely getting a hardening effect from the mast, even at this higher BF. I've gained 5 lbs over the course of this cycle, and my BF has dropped 3%, but my muscles look harder. I'm not getting the watery muscle look you get from something like test/Dbol stack gains.
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    Pericles Member

    I can't do tren anymore...every time I read or hear about someone getting phenomenal body recomp from tren I try it again and life sucks.

    What I do at my ripe old age is run safer compounds, but several of them. I will do test, mast. var. Test, EQ, winny,
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Hey DD and DYS do you guys believe there is any STRENGTH synergy when Master is combined with any other AAS. (By synergy I mean, the benefit of combining both drugs EXCEEDS the expected two drug ADDITIVE effect)

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    hattrick Junior Member

    That's why im on mast prop instead of tren.....ive only been on it a week so we'll see what she's got....I've heard of people getting really good gains when running mast with just a low trt dose of test......and from what I know about masteron it's toxicity is very very low and you can run massive doses of running 60mg a day with 500test and 500eq im three weeks in and everything is starting to kick in and Im thinking that I can control my estrogen with mast....I heard that you can just tweak the mast dose and keep estrogen at bay.....ive got ai's and n-dex in case first I was taking adex then switch to nolva now im off both and gonna give the mast a shot at keeping estrogen down.................penis.
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    Dr Jim, I would say yes. It has been a VERY long time since I ran a test only cycle, probably was about 15 years ago, and I have spent most of this cycle on just test/mast. I just added in Var last week. I definitely feel my strength gains are more then they would have been if I was just running 500 mg test C on it's own. I think there is definitely something to the theory of Mast freeing up more test for circulation.

    I'm into week 2 of the Var, and people are starting to notice. The stack is working very nicely overall.

    Hattrick, I wouldn't count on the Mast to much as far as estrogen control goes. I previously have never needed an AI on cycle, and at week 5 of this stack, I had to add 12.5mg Stane ED w/ 20mg nolva because I was getting Estro sides and started getting the tingly nipple. I'm also getting older, and have been told that the need for an AI on-cycle increases with age. I have no idea if that is Bro-Science or not, but it seems that is the case for me.
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Well that's great to know mate.

    Interestingly since masteron was once available (1970s) by RX for the treatment of breast cancer several studies were conducted to determine it's efficacy.

    A few earlier studies suggested it's MOA was related to it's ability to bind it E-2 receptors thereby "exposing" TT sites more effectively.

    However the ability to differentiate Test, E-2, or PG receptors was not perfected until the 1990s.

    Consequently it's now been reasonably well discerned, DHT analog drugs such as; Master, Proviron, Var, Turn etc work by binding, to varying degrees, the androgen receptor or mediate anabolism via the cell nucleus. .

    Actually the only AAS which has been shown to have a greater affinity to SHBG than DHT or TT is Proviron,

    Regardless eventually the bound to unbound
    SHBG-Proviron complex reaches an equilibrium with serum such that even remarkable changes in the dosage has a minimal impact on TT levels.

    Nice input, mate!
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    hattrick Junior Member

    Well I heard of people taking moderate doses of mast and having to either quit or add something because there estrogen dropped so low.....Someone also told me to take a bigger dose of mast than test and that will keep it if your running say 300 test then make your mast around 350....which I don't have to take anything at that low of a dose of test but im running 500 now and my mast is 420mg a week/60mgED.... so maybe I need to raise it up to around 600 its a very safe compound as far as toxicity goes from what ive read...however sides may be a different story...I don't know I will probably just keep it at 420 unless I start seeing estro sides .....if I do then I'll prob throw in nolvadex for a few days to allow the mast to kick in and jack the mast up to 550 or 600 ......I hear nothing but good things about this compound once people run it they won't cycle without including it the only thing that scares me is hair-loss but I figure I would have already lost it by now with the 500 test don't you think? atleast seen some shedding?
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    MR10X Member

    I have done over 30 cycles and not had problem with hair loss,i added some masteron in one of my last cycles and my hair started to fall out pretty fast. it did grow back after the cycle,but i would only use it for contest prep and then only for the last 4 or 5 weeks before the contest. It is not much good for size but helps with hardness if you are very low body fat. To many bad side effects using it for longer periods of time.If you get gyno you should use nolvadex or nolvadex and an AI together.
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    hattrick Junior Member

    how much mast were you running? how long?.....yea I have some adex....

    I love my physic now I just want more size but I don't want the test to cover me up so that's why I added the mast...but if the hair starts to go then I wasted a 20ml jug and $80......when did the hair start falling out and how long did it take to grow back? did it all come back?
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    beezil Member


    I have noticed no strength gains… running mast with a low dose of test.

    although the veins and hardening is nice. must be lean though.

    my 2c
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    beezil Member

    how many mg's of mast are you running??

    i would guess the anavar is giving the strength gains over the drost
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    beezil Member

    10x. Thanks for your input.

    I have a few masteron cycles under the belt so far… and have yet to experience any shedding. thank goodness.

    although, i don't have MPB issues in my family tree.
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    solo47 Member

    masteron does very little, if anything, to block estrogen. Same with Proviron.

    Masteron increases muscle density, so it follows that it does lead to strength increases. Of course, nowhere near tren, but it does significantly add to what Test alone gives you. It doesn't add water or muscle mass. The well-known "secret" for making Mast effective for strength, vascularity, muscle density & hardness (along with the usual good run of Test) is to use plenty of it. Whether running Mast e or p, you should run at least 600 mg/wk. Mast p feels more effective than Mast e, and certainly makes Proviron unnecessary (for libido). There are definite aggression sides, but nowhere near that of big Tren doses, so easy to manage.

    I seem to be the odd man out on this consensus, but here's my solo opinion anyway.

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    Beez I'm running 400mg mast per week.

    No doubt the var is starting to kick in.
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    beezil Member

    thats what i normally run. as well.

    I am finding the BioLogic Var has a nice feel at 40mg a day. you??

    much better than others i have had to run at much greater doses.
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