Masteron, how long to kick in for libido increase?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Stanfoo, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Stanfoo

    Stanfoo Member

    For masteron prop how long does it usually take for the libido increasing effects to kick in? It's supposedly amazing for bumping libido up. That's the only reason I'm taking it.
  2. BigMacLover

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    Libido = Mental stimulation.
    I do not think masteron could let u rape a girl if you do not actually really want
  3. Iron Frenchie

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    You should get great libido off just some test and to go above and beyond you can just add a low dose oral to raise free test. Which will raise libido. Masteron imo should be used only for summer time and shows with an already low bf %. You will harden up but not gain and will lose most of it when you come off.
  4. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    masteron had no effect on my libido
  5. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    which AAS increase your libido ?. all the ones I took, test,npp, dbol, sdrol, eq, had a negative impact on my libido even when my estrogen levels are in check.
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  6. AlwaysHungry

    AlwaysHungry Member

    This is true even on high test only I don’t have increase in libido. But on tren I have a huge increase and on PROVIRON I have an increase. On tren huge libido can fuck for hours I mean I already can fuck pretty long but on tren I could easily fuck 2 hours the only negative I’m to winded
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  7. Roco Bama

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    tren made me lose like 50% of my hair in 2 weeks and I had to stop it. I'll give tren and proviron a try once I get the scalp micropigmentation tatoo done and start shaving.
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  8. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    I'm the same way. Never tried tren and probably won't. If you come up with something, let me know
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  9. Eman

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    How come?
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  10. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Within 2 weeks for myself. My favorite AAS by a mile. And don't buy into that crap that you can't run it unless you're super lean.
    That's pure BS. Incredible pumps and hardness while on it. Plus I felt great and libido was sky high.
  11. Jrock83

    Jrock83 Member Supporter

    With mast e I noticed an increase in libido at about 4 weeks. Cant really say on the prop because the only time I used it was when I switched from mast e to mast prop mid cycle...already had it built up in my system
  12. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    Too old
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  13. Monstar

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    Felt Mast Prop around 7-10 days. Honestly I get way more libido from tren. Mast and tren together with a test base...hard to beat.
  14. Shyster

    Shyster Member

    Agree with @AlwaysHungry . Proviron has a major effect on my libido, Plus the free test boosting properties. Proviron is definitely an underrated compound.
  15. Jrock83

    Jrock83 Member Supporter

    You wouldn't even consider it at a lower dose to start off with?
  16. Jrock83

    Jrock83 Member Supporter

    I'm on 250mg test e, 200mg mast e, and 50mg ed of proviron...and hcg 250iu twice per week. I have never been hornier in my life, and it all kicked in hard as fuck as soon as I added Proviron. So I second that...Proviron is an awesome compound as far as libido and hardening effects.
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  17. Maybe consider a Peptide, PT-141 is supposed to be all about libido.