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    It has been since I was 14 when I started to watch porn, I remember my first video, It was a passional lesbian scene that made me cum amazingly.

    Now I am trying to let go of porn forever and just use my imagination, in order to have a more sensitive sexual sense in the real world, and I think it makes you definitely stronger in all ways.

    For me, now It takes a lot of brain effort to jerk off without porn, I mean I can do it of course, but it drains me a lot of energy and I got exhausted, I would describe it like after a long hard chess game.

    Do you have some experiences related to this?
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    Hi ddp7
  3. kosp

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    I am not.
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    In general ddp7, you need some sort of stimulation. Of course it takes a lot of energy because you’re doing something sexual, which requires sexual arousal, and you want to do it “dry”. What the hell kind of post is this ddp7?
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  5. kosp

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    that sounds like an excuse to have a lazy mind which cannot get arousal itself
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    What are you focusing on? The daisies? Nature? Deer frolicking in the woods?
  7. kosp

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    to become a sex god
  8. T-Bagger

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    Interesting. So you’re masturbating while meditating on that? Or are you thinking on actual sex acts?
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    To become a God of Sex you must abstain from all acts completely and work on your ability to complete orgasmic cosmatic comatose with you mind
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    I was thinking about actual sex acts with a girl close to my life, even though we have not had sex. Interesting idea about meditating on that, maybe you can bring the orange sexual energy to your sacral chakra and then making it explode with the mind.
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    You’ll actually achieve a slight deity status if you can ejaculate without even touching your penis - zero physical touch. Let’s see your mind power on that.
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    So what really is the difference between porn and thinking on sex with a girl you haven’t had sex with? Are you talking about watching porn while masturbating, or even thinking back on old porn you’ve watched?
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    How long does it take for you to cum without porn?

    I find the urge to climax is based on physical stimulation or erotic thoughts or both. If both are absent or inadequate, it's difficult to crack a nut. Oftentimes relaxing, staying in the mood and letting nature take its course makes it much easier.
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    Exactly - there has to be some form of arousal - whether thoughts or porn.
  15. Only serial killers do this
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    The difference is that you create your own sexual energy with your mind, with no need of external stimulus.
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    I’ll buy that. How about recalling past sexual experiences of your own?
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    Yes It always come to mind during masturbation, and as it is a grounded experience of yours, your brain will activate more its satisfaction mechanism, because it is actually registered in sensation-memory.

    You can even fuck her again
  19. T-Bagger

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    So how exactly do you plan on becoming a sex god by masturbating without the aid of porn?
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    Hey @ickyrica if trying to create a bad reputation of my person,doing the wrong way man.

    I´m not trolling to nobody and I cant believe that every time some guys talking about sex and body experiences then you talk with asshole thinking and tell every bullshit.

    Sorry for the off-topic.