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    No argument here. My original post was asking if there was truth to this or if anyone had heard anything.

    I just put a link to this in my previous post.
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    Oh I see
    Don’t worry bro
    It seems that things are moving now
    And these people here rather get angry and don’t contribute to anything just to argue and insults
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    I don't doubt that one but. Doesn't mean he's not paying less for lower quality on the other ones. There's been a lot of inconsistency and issues with the mauves but I haven't seen a single issue with the blacks. People having reactions at the injection site, not reconstituting properly and staying cloudy, etc. I really don't buy the "they're all the same stuff but different dosing" line
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    Hello friends. Purple Meditrope # 73 has been tested in 10ui? It's true ? Thank you
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    He's not paying different for lower quality. He's paying different per mg in vial.

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    @mands, hello. Mauvetop 73 tested 10ui.?
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    I'm not sure my man. I would highly doubt it.

    I haven't seen a mauve under 12 iu's. And recent #75 was over 15 iu's and #76 was was over 17 iu's.

    I will asked TP.

    Okay. The yellow top #73 mauve was slightly under 10 iu's with almost no dimer.

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    So they are good but only 10ui? I will receive 2kits, I will make you a is the bad news # 73, these the official seller meditrope in England who tells me, lot 73 meditrope = 10ui ... Same quality, you say the same thing? Thank you
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