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    So I took almost a three week break from hgh; I ran it for a long time did elis, supertrop, and then mauve; never really noticed any water retention because I ran the mauves after all these other brands months in. Checked the scale weight today and I have been currently running a deficit past 2 weeks and realized I'm heavier than I was last week. I know generics cause some type of weight gain, but running 2-3IU start of this week and it looks like I'm 2-4lbs heavier than normal. How much do yall gain in the initial few days starting generics/pharma hgh?
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    I can tell you this. I thought I was being punked at the gym when I was getting on the scale and consistently gaining around 3-4 pounds a week for a few weeks. :)

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    Started at 4IU and gained about 10lbs in the first 10 days or so. It stopped there.
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    I only took a 3 week break though off HGH and cycled with IGF LR3 instead; so I'm wondering if this is normal especially with only 2-3iu of mauve tops for 4 days.
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    Yes it's normal. Enjoy the intracellular water.

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