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    I didn't. At 2ius I didn't think I'd have to worry about it. I wanted to work upto 4ius but there was no chance from the pain I was experiencing. I was taking it fasted in the a.m., trying to keep it away from food.
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    Hate to hear it. I wouldn't bother splitting 2iu any smaller in Hope's of less issues. I and others have ran optitropins from here and got no issues as bad as you. Wish I knew exactly why some people get that....
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    At 2iu I would split it either was more curious if you tried it and if it helped or not.
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    Yeah it is what is. Dropped a pretty good penny on 12 kits. I'll give it a go again after the summer. Maybe run some t4 like the guy above said see if it helps. Any suggestions on dosage?
    When I started at 1iu didn't notice much but got around 2iu and it was bad. Dropped it back down to around 1iu but didn't go away till I quit altogether.
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  5. I'm still freshly diagnosed, but I would check your TSH levels first my friend.

    I know I was a little messed up when I first started on Levothyroxine (to hammer up my T4)

    It's all dependant on what your current levels are at.

    To give you a but more information....
    My doctor sent me to this site to help me understand dosages and quantities.

    Dosing & Administration - SYNTHROID® (levothyroxine sodium tablets)

    Doctors actually use that site to figure out what the fuck they will give us lol.

    I'm sorry I cant be more help buddy.... as I said, I'm still relatively new to this.... and I have a doctor taking bloods and customizing my meds for me.

    Edit: It also takes WEEKS to reach the desired level of t3 T4, taking this stuff is not like slamming gear, you are in it for the long haul... also remember, you could fuck your thyroid, I know we all run the risks and the game ofnshuttinf down certain areas of production for different hormones in the PED game.. but worth a quick disclaimer lol
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    I asked my doc about some of these sides, Gh, and Aas. He said my sides were likely due to reaction to fillers or impurities.
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    From my reading, using pharma T4, start with 50mcg and you can go to 100mcg, until the side disapear, then you slowly go back to the lowest you need to keep the side away.
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    My last test on gH showed my TSH as mid high normal range and low T4 and low free T4. I bought some 100mcg t4, full replacement dosage for me using the website you posted would be 128, I was thinking about starting at 100
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    I encourage everyone running mauves with the bad sides go to brotherhood of pain or professional muscle and look in TPs subforum. If nothing available, could post a question.
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    no bad sides for me for mauve tops. hand does get numb and swollen though so its hard for me to grib a barbell.
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    Happy days. IMG_20190808_152614.jpg
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    I got them from AA 3 days.
  14. They aren’t from TP they are anonymous anonolics.
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    He gets them from tp
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    Correct these are all batch 71
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    So hand numbness has come back. I worked up to 5iu before vacation with zero sides. Came back 2 weeks later and tried jumping in at same dose. Bad idea hands are killing me at night woke me up the last two nights. Time to drop back down to 2iu and work my way back up.
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    That's crazy. I'm on 6iu of opti hgh and experience nothing like this. Read about mauves causing this on another forum too.
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    I am on 6 IU Mauve top batch #51 and no hand numbness, it is the 2nd time I am on them 1st one I was on 4 IU and again none of that, it is all individual
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